”I had an opportunity to be a participant in the training course “Conflict resolution through Storytelling” in Malta. It was an incredible and amazing journey with other participants to speak about conflicts in the world, in ourselves, and between each other, and to try to solve them in group activities or individual work. We had an opportunity to learn methods and techniques on how to solve conflicts, and elements that we can use when we speak or tell our story, we had an amazing free day in Malta where we saw beautiful islands and historical places, and tried Maltese food. Through this training course, I discovered a lot about myself and what I am capable of just by telling my story. We also did many funny and interesting energizers, and we needed to do our journals for every day of the project, which was pretty enjoyable. I will keep those memories for the rest of my life, especially emotions, and stories from other participants.” – Amra Softić

”Where to start from… All the way from Bosnia to Malta. From meeting people to building deep connections and core memories with other participants. Many first times. From flying somewhere for the first time to touching the beach sand and seeing the sea in Malta. The first stage in Bosnia was a casual introduction between participants, getting to know each other, gaining trust, and encouraging each other to be open, vulnerable, and honest… Learning fundamental elements of storytelling and building our personal stories while expressing them in our own unique way. Some connections were made in Bosnia, but nothing special stayed as a core memory from Bosnia, compared to Malta.The Malta stage will stay in my heart for a long time. As I am writing this testimonial, I am still reliving emotions, funny scenes, deep conversations, dancing, and laughing until we don’t start crying… Each day was special in it’s own way. Sunny days, lively breakfasts, lunches and dinners filled with wise, funny or deep conversations between participants. Above everything else, I am grateful for technology which allowed us to take forever-lasting treasures called photos and videos. I’ve been rewatching them ever since I returned and said goodbye to these wonderful people who changed and impacted my life in many ways. These wonderful people proved to me love exists, friendships exist, trusting people is not that bad, and asking for help or advice doesn’t mean I’m weak… I laughed with them, cried with them, opened my heart to them… Wandering through the streets of Buggibba, Sliema, watching the sunset at Mdina, sunbathing at beaches, eating ice cream like we’ve never tasted it before, getting lost while trying to catch a bus to the hotel, no wi-fi, no phones, chilling on the walls of Mdina, climbing on restricted places,…I will carry on these memories for the rest of my life and continue to participate in non-formal education through other projects, and organizations and encourage people to apply and attend these inspiring events.” – Sara Jakovljević

”After you return home from your Erasmus+ project, you realize something is missing. Each time you embark on a journey and immerse yourself in a new place, you leave a piece of your heart behind, entwined with the memories and connections you’ve formed with the people you met along the way. It’s as if your heart finds a home in those unfamiliar surroundings, and when you depart, it remains tethered to that place. I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to participate in the training course ‘’Conflict Resolution through Storytelling’’ as it has left a big impact on my life. I have professionally and personally developed and have learned a lot about other cultures and countries. I did indeed, became a richer person thanks to this experience, which I will nurture forever.’’ – Tarik Dudić

”I had the incredible opportunity to participate in the training course “Conflict Resolution through Storytelling,” and I can confidently say it was a life-changing experience. This unique program not only provided valuable knowledge and skills but also opened my eyes to the immense power of storytelling as a tool for fostering understanding, empathy, and resolving conflicts. One of the highlights of the training was the opportunity to hear captivating personal stories from individuals who have personally experienced conflict. Their courage and vulnerability inspired us to reflect on our own narratives and recognize the universal themes that connect us all. It was truly humbling to witness firsthand the profound impact that sharing stories can have on fostering understanding and healing wounds. I left the program feeling inspired, empowered, and ready to make a difference in my own community and beyond.’’Aleksandra Jovandić

‘’One of the most significant aspects of the training course was the diversity of participants. People from different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences came together, creating a rich tapestry of perspectives. We shared our stories, listened with open hearts, and found common ground despite our differences. This experience taught me that beneath our varied backgrounds, we all share the universal language of human emotions and aspirations. Moreover, the course provided us with practical tools and techniques that we can implement in real-life scenarios. From active listening to the art of reframing narratives, each skill we acquired has practical applications in conflict resolution. The diversity of experiences and perspectives enriched our discussions and broadened my understanding of the world. These connections will continue to be a source of support and inspiration in the future.’’ Adin Hujdur

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