„Participation in the Training Course “Colors of Europe” in Vilnius, Lithuania, was an unforgettable experience that will forever shape my worldview. This unique opportunity not only broadened my horizons but also provided me with valuable knowledge and skills that I can actively apply both in my personal life and my professional engagement with young people. What makes this Training Course particularly exciting is the wealth of diversity among the participants. Young people from as many as 12 countries created an inspiring atmosphere together, providing me with a unique platform for promoting our own country and culture in the best possible way. This diversity not only enriched our experience but also enabled us to build bridges toward future cooperation and work on common and strategic issues concerning young people. This experience encouraged me to think globally and act locally. I am grateful to the organizers for the great organization, the lecturers for the inspiring lectures, and all the participants for their contribution. “Colors of Europe” is one of those moments in my life that I will carry with me as a precious memory and a source of inexhaustible inspiration. Thank you for this unforgettable journey through the colors and cultures of Europe.“ – Kenan Junuzović

„I found the program’s emphasis on strategies for addressing hate speech and promoting inclusivity to be immensely valuable. The interactive workshops and discussions provided concrete tools and techniques that I can readily apply in my daily work as a youth worker, all of that thanks to our amazing trainer Endre Kiss. Moreover, the opportunities for cultural exchange allowed me to gain new perspectives and insights, enriching my understanding of diversity. I particularly appreciated the focus on personal development and self-reflection, as it deepened my awareness of my own biases and privileges. Overall, the program’s gentle approach, coupled with its commitment to empowering young people and fostering positive change, left a lasting impression on me and has inspired me to continue advocating for inclusivity in my community.“ – Ajla Hodžić

‘’As a participant in the “Colors of Europe” Training Course, I embarked on a profoundly enriching journey that significantly impacted both my personal and professional growth. Engaging in this project facilitated the establishment of meaningful international connections, fostering friendships across borders and providing insights into diverse perspectives. Through a combination of theoretical learning and practical workshops, I deepened my understanding of hate speech and honed my abilities to effectively prevent and avoid offensive talk. Through cultural exchanges and daily interactions, I gained a deeper appreciation for diversity and a heightened curiosity about other cultures. My involvement in the “Colors of Europe” project not only enriched my present experience but also laid a strong foundation for ongoing personal and professional development.“ – Emina Bavčić

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