‘’Before joining Project Common Bond, I could never have imagined how impactful this journey would be. It had left a great impact on me and the way I perceive things and life overall. I have grown as an individual, learned to confront my past trauma and fears, and how to peacefully resolve conflict. Each day at Project Common Bond was a new opportunity to fully embrace life and try something new. I have gradually upgraded my listening and communication skills. Through intercultural nights, I have learned more about different countries and their traditions. The project has motivated me to be the change I want to see in the world rather than waiting for it to happen. Project Common Bond has opened my eyes to the endless possibilities that lie within me. It has nurtured my leadership abilities, expanded my worldview, and provided me with a supportive community of like-minded individuals driven by a common purpose. This project was one incredible journey that has helped me discover my full potential and further inspired me to shape a better future for myself and the world. I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to participate in Project Common Bond and be part of one incredible story that has changed so many lives across the globe.’’ – Ismail Hasanović

‘’I’m grateful for the opportunity to participate in Project Common Bond in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. The impact that it has left on my life is beyond words. It has been a privilege to spend seven days with the individuals with such inspiring stories. Project Common Bond provided a space where we could come together, talk about our diverse backgrounds, and form unbreakable connections which will last forever. It was a transformative experience that allowed us to unleash our potential and realize the power within ourselves. I am forever grateful for the safe and supportive environment that encouraged us to openly share, heal, and grow. Through daily activities, we discovered new ways to communicate, build relationships, and break down barriers. The activities and facilitators were the driving force that pushed us to tap into our inner selves, uncover hidden talents, and find our unique voices.”  – Sidik Osmić

“Project Common Bond provided me with the opportunity to engage with professionals in artistic, musical, dance, sporting, dramatic, and peacebuilding activities. We were often pushed out of our comfort zones which were inevitable for our growth. We were part of one big community that made every individual feel safe and comfortable. Actually, we were part of something bigger than ourselves. The project fostered a culture of empathy and openness, allowing us to share our stories, experiences, and vulnerabilities without fear of judgment. Being embraced by this supportive community provided a sense of belonging and security, which further empowered us to take risks and explore our full potential. We celebrated each other’s successes, offered a shoulder to lean on during challenges, and created long-lasting connections. During these seven days, we all have grown as individuals and we became true peacebuilders that will create a brighter future.’’ – Arif Musić

”I wouldn’t believe it if someone told me that my life would shift 180° because of Project Common Bond. But it did and I can’t be more overwhelmed and grateful because of it. The Project Common Bond has helped me grow as a person, cope with past trauma and fears, and also break off the shackles of my comfort zone. Every day was a new challenge and opportunity to fully experience life and enjoy every second. During Project Common Bond, I have learned to truly appreciate the small things, be present, and fully enjoy the moment until it becomes a memory. If I could describe the project in one word, it would definitely be life-changing. The activities were very well designed and we had the opportunity to work with true professionals in the field of arts, music, dance, sport, drama, and peacebuilding. Their approach to all of the activities was truly unique and it helped us fully embrace the potential that we carry within ourselves. Every day we were working in a healthy environment where every individual felt safe enough to openly share his opinions, past experiences, and trauma. We all came from different backgrounds but still, we found a common bond. Every person was unique in its own way and each one of us brought something new to the table. The individuals I met were Project Common Bond’s true beauty and its purpose.  Even though I had the privilege of spending seven days with them, it felt insufficient to fully interact with everyone and listen to their inspiring stories. But who am I lying to? The people I met at Project Common Bond are so extraordinary that even a lifetime spent with them wouldn’t be enough.’’ – Una Alispahić

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