‘’Being BRAVO’s representative at the Model European Union was an unforgettable experience. The occasion offered a forum for thoughtful conversation on two of the most important topics of the day: artificial intelligence legislation and CO2 emissions. The conversation about CO2 emissions was insightful and made us think about how our actions affect the environment and how urgently we need sustainable solutions. The discussion on AI regulation was just as fascinating and presented us with difficult moral and legal decisions about the application of AI. The occasion served as a tribute to the effectiveness of communication and teamwork in tackling global issues. Seeing different ideas come together to discuss solutions was encouraging, as it reflected the ethos of unity in variety that the European Union embodies. I’m thankful to BRAVO for the opportunity since the knowledge and abilities I’ve received from it are priceless. I heartily urge anyone who wants to comprehend and influence global policy-making to take part in the Model European Union.’’ – Sanin Bilić

”From October 25th to 29th, We participated in the Model European Union project organized by Beta Netherlands at the Applied Sciences Campus of the University of The Hague in The Hague, The Netherlands. It was very special for me and my colleague to participate give a presentation and join the debate as a parliamentarian in this project, where we had the opportunity to experience the European Parliament. All of us focused on two areas: CO2 emissions and the use of artificial intelligence, and drafted regulations on these issues. This Research Topic aims to collect research on novel AI applications in carbon emission monitoring, and forecasting air quality patterns, with a focus on techniques mitigating the effects of climate change for a sustainable environment. It was a unique experience for me. Knowledge, companionship, first-hand experiences with great lecturers, and pushing one’s limits are the key values that this project offered us. I believe in the importance of inclusive conferences for youth that ensure that young people of all backgrounds and ways of life may experience the EU decision-making process first-hand. We got a chance to learn, express ourselves, and apply our skills in an immersive environment that replicates the challenges, complexities, and thrills of European politics. ECR representative Michiel Hoogeveen was also a guest in this project, we asked him questions and listened to his valuable presentation at a time when the European project faced numerous challenges and its credibility had wavered, he gave us hope, encouragement, and ideas on how to work for betterment.” – Ilvana Vejo

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