‘’During my stay in beautiful Italy as part of the “LEO- Leadership is for Everyone” project, I had an opportunity to immerse myself in the world of equality, women’s empowerment, and leadership. Furthermore, I have learned about many obstacles women face when trying to enter the labor market today. Throughout my stay, I have engaged in job shadowing, i.e. I had the first-hand opportunity to observe and engage with the remarkable work of a local NGO called High on Life. This immersive approach provided me with a chance to learn from professionals working in the non-profit sector and gain practical knowledge. I actively participated in numerous activities and workshops, where together with my companion Hana, I presented the main objective of this project, work done in Bosnia and Herzegovina by BRAVO and partnering organizations, research conducted related to this topic, etc. to the participants of a youth exchange “Youth for Equals – EU” which was hosted by High on Life. It was a joyous and enriching experience, accompanied by new skills development and professional growth. I was once again reminded that leadership truly is for everyone, and together, we can break down barriers and create a more inclusive society. Beyond the professional aspects, this time spent in Italy allowed me to forge amazing, long-lasting connections with other young people.’’ – Azra Pašalić

”I had the incredible opportunity to participate in the Job Shadowing Erasmus project in Tropea, Italy, and I can confidently say that it was a mind-blowing experience. For two weeks, I was immersed in a dynamic and enriching environment that aimed to enhance women’s leadership, develop non-formal education (NFE) resources for youth workers and young people, promote men’s involvement in women’s empowerment, and strengthen the synergies between youth work and the labor market. With its aesthetic appeal and vibrant culture, Tropea provided the perfect place for this project. The program was designed to offer a comprehensive learning experience. Through job shadowing, I had the privilege of observing and learning from talented people in various fields. Their passion, determination, and resilience were truly inspiring, and I gained valuable insights into the challenges they face and the strategies they employ to overcome them. Moreover, the project placed great emphasis on the development of NFE resources for youth workers and young people. We engaged in interactive workshops, brainstorming sessions, and collaborative activities aimed at creating innovative tools and materials. The project not only empowered young people to become active contributors to society but also equipped them with the tools and knowledge to navigate the complexities of the professional world. By encouraging men to participate in discussions and initiatives actively, the project fostered a sense of shared responsibility and collective action. It challenged traditional gender roles and encouraged dialogue on the importance of gender equality in all spheres of life. Additionally, the project successfully bridged the gap between youth work and the labor market. We had the opportunity to visit local businesses and organizations, interact with professionals, and gain a deeper understanding of the skills and competencies required in the job market. Overall, the Job Shadowing Erasmus project in Tropea, Italy, was an exceptional experience that exceeded my expectations. It extended my horizons, challenged my preconceived notions, and gave me valuable skills and perspectives. I am grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of this project and would highly recommend it to anyone seeking personal growth, cultural exchange, and a deeper understanding of women’s empowerment and youth work.“ – Hana Kustura


Women’s empowerment is a prerequisite for gender equality, according to the CoE Gender Equality Strategy 2018-2023. Even when girls demonstrate leadership abilities or hold positions of power, the world fails to make them feel good because the mind model that we have is gendered “male.” As a result, when girls adopt such a model, claiming that leaders are bold and make difficult decisions, they may experience cognitive Men outnumber women in leadership positions in every sector of the world, including business, nonprofits, government, education, medicine, the military, and religion  This gender gap, often referred to with the metaphor “glass ceiling”, represents one of the most critical challenges to achieve gender equity and allow equitable working opportunities to all genders


The project aims at enhancing women’s leadership, developing NFE resources for youth workers and young people, promoting men’s involvement in women’s empowerment, and strengthening the synergies between youth work and the labour market.


And specific call’s thematic areas: 


  1. inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities; 
  2. empowerment / engagement / employability of young people; 
  3. anti-discrimination and gender equality


 Overall, the LEO project efficiently contributes to the global effort to achieve gender equity and meets the EU Gender Equality Strategy Key Actions 2020-2025 (challenging gender stereotypes, boosting women’s economic empowerment, ensuring equal opportunities in the labour market). Moreover, the project addresses many of the general and specific call’s objectives, ensuring its quality and relevance.  

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