“Hello, my name is Feđa and I’m writing a “testimonial” letter about my experience in the BRAVO youth exchange program. It was a very great experience, I learned a lot of things about Spain and their culture, and I’m 100% sure they learned something about us too. Time went very fast (sadly) and it was also on of the best things i ever been. I meet and connected with many people, made new friendships, and most important thing is i had fun.  Honestly I enjoyed every second in this program and I hope it will be as great as it was now on the Canarian Islands. Facilitators are also very good. Their goal was that learning goes through fun. All praises to them.”Feđa Vardo

“Project “Kaleidoscope” is my first-ever youth exchange, and I can say it was a lot better than I expected. It was an amazing experience, and in enjoyable ways, I was educated about my own and Spanish culture. I was also taught to respect everyone, no matter how “different” they are. It helped me make friends from all around Bosnia and the Canary Islands, and we created some unforgettable memories.” –Vedad Glumčević


“This was my first Erasmus+ project and it intrigued me to go on many more and find out what they have to offer. The focus on exploring differences and similarities between our two cultures made me realize how alike we are and that we share a certain togetherness. I found it very nice that despite language barriers we as participants were able to get to know each other and become friends. Workshops were designed to provide a relaxed, at ease space for sharing ideas and thoughts and to provide space for reflection and personal growth.” – Džana Elezović

“This project was the first ever project that I did. The Youth exchange “Kaleidoscope” really changed my perspective and motivated me to continue learning and educate myself about all the things we, as the future of our countries and the world, can do. I learned a lot about Spanish culture and especially the culture of the Canary Islands. It really made me believe that, by attending these projects and giving it all, we can change the world and the way we envision it. I made a lot of lifelong friends and I hope we can finish this project on the Canary Islands. As this is my first Erasmus+ project, it really exceeded my expectations. I thank the participants, facilitators and everyone else responsible for this event and this amazing opportunity.”Lamija Aljić

“For me, this project is a great life experience that will not be forgotten, as well as many friendships that will continue, regardless of the miles that separate us. In such a short period, we got to know various cultures, customs and traditions. And through various workshops we learned a lot that will be useful for our life and career.”Ela Čolić

“This was my first ERASMUS+ project and it was incredible! Meeting amazing people and feeling the warmth from everyone made it so special. It wasn’t just about cultures; it opened my eyes to new ideas. Despite tiring days, the happiness stayed. Free time let me explore, think about mine and different cultures and it makes me treasure every moment.


Learning recipes from traditional Canary Islands dishes was a surprise highlight. But the friendships made? Priceless. I’ve met fascinating people from various countries, and I know these bonds will last. This experience makes me excited for more ERASMUS+ projects, hoping for more unforgettable moments and new friends!”Almira Huremović

“From December 3rd to 9th, we took part in the Kaleidoscope project, which was held in Sarajevo. We learned many things about the culture and language of the participants from the Canarian Islands. We identified some connections between BiH and Spain and discussed various problems in our country and their country. For a large part of the project, we talked about hate speech and universal social problems that are present in all cultures. By exchanging experiences and knowledge, we improved our social skills and made new friends from another part of the world. We spent a lot of time learning together and are looking forward to meeting all the participants again in the second part of this project.”Gabriel Jelić

“The Youth Exchange Kaleidoscope” has truly been one of the best experiences in my life. This project allowed me to explore and embrace new cultures, create lasting memories, and forge meaningful connections with incredible individuals. During this project, getting to know others and their cultures, something awakened in me. I guess that something is called hope. Hope that, together with my people and within myself, I will live a completely different life for a while – one without exclusion, discrimination, gender, class or nationality. The most important thing I have learned is that life is truly beautiful. I’ve realized that there are good people everywhere, and there are many more of us than those who are not. Even though I haven’t traveled anywhere far, I stayed in my city, I went through one, personally, the most valuable journey. I went through a journey of learning about myself. I’ve learned new things about myself, some of which I didn’t even know existed. I’ve learned that our desire for friendship brings us together. I’ve learned the value of connecting with others.. This project inspired me to live differently – with more life in me, more optimism. To see things in different ways, through different eyes, not just as I’ve been accustomed to. To learn new things, new languages, to meet new people, new cultures. To work on myself, my skills, and personal development, so that one day I can travel and awaken in people what has now awakened in me. Because life is not just our everyday routine, it’s not just school, work, career, the circle of friends, and home. There are other lives, we just need to open those doors. This project has inspired me to open every door I can in the future. I am immensely grateful to Erasmus+ and BRAVO for facilitating this beautiful experience.”Almir Agić

“I learned a lot about Spanish culture and it has really changed me. Realizing that even though I may live in an ethnic minority, there will always be people that will support me and lend me a hand. I came back home from this youth exchange full of confidence and motivated to make a change and promote tolerance in my community!” Roni Baker

“The past week has been an unforgettable journey with the “Kaleidoscope” youth exchange, and I am glad I got this opportunity. While spending time with 20 Spanish youngsters from the Canary Islands, I learned about their traditions, language, history, and values, all while sharing my own and exchanging knowledge about our rich cultures. Our days in Sarajevo were a colorful blend of multicultural activities, team building, and creative exploration. This made it possible for all of us to broaden our horizons and see the world from each other’s perspectives. From engaging dialogues to energizing team activities, we discovered the beauty of teamwork and the richness of diversity. Together, we explored the streets of Sarajevo, visited the main monuments, and embraced the city’s multicultural spirit. My absolute highlight of this YE was the workshop I organized and held with another Bosnian participant, focusing on gender roles and equality. Everyone was fully involved and participating, for more than 3 hours, which made me feel fulfilled and taught me how to facilitate better within such a big and active group. I was pleased to hear the positive feedback from everyone and how valuable they found the activity. Also, the multicultural night, where we proudly presented our countries, danced, tried diverse cuisines, and most importantly had a lot of fun, was another part of the “Kaleidoscope” youth exchange I truly enjoyed. This wasn’t just a project, but it was an incredible adventure where we, as participants, built bridges, found common ground, and created memories that will resonate across borders. Everyone should experience something like this with amazing people, and you can do it with BRAVO!”Miloš Samardžić

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“From the second to ninth of October I participated in the Youth exchange “Kaleidoscope” held in Sarajevo, BiH. It was an amazing experience where we learned more about diversity, inclusion and a whole new culture. These unforgettable 7 days became a kaleidoscope of personal growth and cultural exploration.The atmosphere throughout the whole project was the utmost. Thankfully, this project taught me a lot and enabled me to make new connections and befriend new people. I will carry memories from the Erasmus+ program deep in my heart.”Amina Mehinbašić


“I consider participating in the “Kaleidoscope” project one of the best opportunities that could have been given to me. I am so happy because I met people who have many things similar to me but also different from me. I learned to embrace and love all those things. I enjoyed the intercultural evening because right there I could feel the kaleidoscope by tasting various foods, learning about culture, and seeing beautiful landscapes. I am also very proud because I had the opportunity to present Bosnia in the best way. All the workshops were very interesting, I made many friends through them. I hope they will want to return to Bosnia, because they are always welcome here!”Ajna Sokolović

“I’m not gonna sugar coat it and say this was the best project I ever went on, but it was definitely the most memorable. I got a chance to meet 40 amazing people and got a chance to learn about other cultures. In the end I think that we learned the most from each other and that we all connected even though we were only together for 7 days. The program was good and I even learned some things that I still retell to my friends. I’m sad that this project has come to an end, but I’m thankful I got a chance to make memories with a totally unknown group of people, now I get to call my friends. -Ema Efendić

Every moment of my free time I love to spend with Bravo. This time we had the opportunity to spend seven amazing days with 20 young people from the Canary Islands thanks to Erasmus+ Youth Exchange – project “Kaleidoscope”. We talked about many topics related to human rights and the EU, learned about each other’s culture and the most important thing – we got to know each other and share our stories.” Mirnes Patković

““Kaleidoscope” will always take a special place in my heart among other Erasmus+ experiences. One week I spent with all of these different young people taught me so many things. I’ve learnt about Canarian people, their culture, their delicious food, their charming sense of humor and their heartwarming will to speak their mind. It was not just a project- it was almost like a second home, where we all shared every meal together for seven days. But the real beauty of this Youth Exchange was learning about “Universality”; all of us learnt that our longings are universal, that we are not lonely and isolated from anyone, and one shall not be, because we belong.” Ambera Goran

“Participating in this project was a great experience for me. I made new friends and learned a lot about Spanish culture, but also about my own. I had the opportunity to talk to the whole group about the similarities and differences between our 2 cultures. The whole project was very dynamic and exciting and I am glad that all participants were involved and contributed to its successful implementation. I am very grateful for this opportunity and I hope to meet this group of wonderful young people in the Canary Islands next year.”Ema Šahbegović

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“Participating in the Kaleidoscope Youth Exchange Program was a transformative experience that seamlessly blended cultural exploration with interactive learning. The program provided a dynamic platform where diverse participants from various corners of both my country and the world converged, fostering a vibrant tapestry of cultural exchange.


The interactive nature of Kaleidoscope was a highlight, as it went beyond the conventional classroom setting. Through engaging activities and collaborative projects, we not only learned about each other’s cultures but also had the opportunity to actively showcase and celebrate our own. This hands-on approach made the exchange program not only informative but also incredibly enjoyable.


Networking with fellow participants from different parts of my country and abroad was invaluable. The connections forged during Kaleidoscope extended beyond the program’s duration, evolving into a network of like-minded individuals committed to fostering understanding and collaboration. This aspect underscored the program’s significance in building not just friendships but also professional relationships that span geographic and cultural boundaries.


In essence, Kaleidoscope proved to be an essential platform for youth seeking to cultivate connections, nurture communities, and forge lasting friendships. The program’s fusion of fun and professionalism serves as a model for empowering the next generation with the skills and perspectives needed to thrive in an interconnected world.”Danijela Jovanović

“I had the chance to meet other people my age from another side of Europe, but also Bosnians from all around the country, which is not something I get to experience often. It makes me happy that they enjoyed their stay here (despite the bad weather), as well as our company.”Zana Hamzić

“Youth exchange “Kaleidoscope” was my first ever exchange with BRAVO, and as a person who counted down days from the moment I got my acceptance letter, I can say that I was not disappointed. The program, in its very focus, had us and only us, the participants. I had a chance to meet a wonderful group of people from all around the world, mostly from Bosnia and Spain. Since the project was about culture and cultural differences, I was surprised to learn that we are not so different. Yes, our histories and cultures may be total opposites from each other, but we got a chance to bond over the simplest things, such as the food we like to eat or the way we spend our free time. Now, at the end of the project, I realize how much richer in experience I am as a person. I learned many various facts about the culture and history of the Canary Islands that I never would’ve otherwise. The project gave me an opportunity to see the bigger picture of humanity, and made sure I would try to apply again in the future.”Hena Milišić

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