“Attending the TC Digital Communication program in Spain was an amazing experience. The curriculum was thorough and hands-on, covering the latest digital tools and strategies. The instructors were knowledgeable and supportive. We also had the chance to explore the city and visit the beautiful beaches, making the experience unforgettable. Overall, it was a perfect blend of professional development, cultural immersion, and memorable moments.” – Silvija Ružić

“TC “Digital Communication Strategies” in Spain has contributed to my personal development. Digital communication strategies and tools we discussed at the training, also the assignments we did together are important and inevitable in our everyday lives and they can enhance our personal and professional lives. Presenters at the project were educated and skilled in digital communication strategies. They presented the basis of the topic and gave us interesting group tasks. The city where training was located, Castellon is very nice and interesting, locals are very polite and sweet. I am happy that during this training course I met new people, new cultures and experienced something new.” – Merhunisa Duraković

“Being part of the training course Digital Womunication in Spain was an amazing experience that helped me acquire many new skills and knowledge in the field of digital communication. The facilitators were incredibly well-spoken and kind and did a great job in presenting their work and answering every question we had. They presented the world of digital communication and marketing in a very fun and interesting way. I had the opportunity to work in a team with girls from different countries, connect with them, and learn more about their culture. Our group was very diverse, and I am grateful for having the opportunity to meet all the amazing people and enjoy time with them in sunny Spain!” – Nejra Dučić
“My experience in Castellon was really pleasant. We had a great time there! My group, as well as the director and staff, were extremely pleasant and accommodating. They were there for us at all times, and we didn’t have to worry about anything. The hosts were also comforting and kind; they taught us many things that will be useful to us. The accommodation was spacious and airy, and we also had good weather. I am really glad that I was part of such a project.” – Ajna Kalčo
My journey and participation in the program with BRAVO. From the very beginning of the trip where Ezana was at our disposal for all possible questions until the end where the director himself went with us and met us as a group for everything we needed. The organization in Spain was very good, and the teaching time is a big plus because we had time to get to know Castellón. The lecturers at the training were also very communicative and tried to keep our attention. All in all, a very nice experience where I expanded my knowledge about digital communications as well as about Spanish culture itself.  PS: I heard that there is a second part of this training, I hope to see you in Montenegro.– Larisa Smajilović
“This training course was an enriching and transformative experience. We were fortunate to have amazing BRAVO BiH staff with us and also two exceptional lecturers who brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the course. Their insights into digital communication and marketing strategies were both comprehensive and practical. They adeptly guided us through various modules, ensuring we understood how to apply these strategies  in real-life situations. One of the standout aspects of this course was the diverse group of participants. Coming together from six different countries, we formed a unique community of women eager to enhance our digital communication skills. Combining all this together with the stunning beaches of Spain, makes it an unforgettable memory that will always be cherished.” – Azra Milić
“My time with the digital communication strategies project in Spain was amazing. I learned so much from a talented team who really knew their stuff. We worked together on cool projects that taught me a lot about how digital communication works today. It was a fun and eye-opening experience that gave me skills I know I’ll use throughout my career. I’m thankful for the opportunity and the chance to explore Spain while working on something so interesting!” – Adina Kalčo
“Attending the “Digital Communication Strategies” training course in Spain was an incredible experience. The program was well-structured, offering deep insights into modern digital communication techniques. The vibrant culture and the opportunity to network with professionals from diverse backgrounds added immense value to the learning process. Overall, it was an unforgettable and enriching journey.” – Raisa Alibegović
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