Do you play video games?

Do you have basic knowledge of video games?

Then keep on reading! We have one task and we need your help!

We urge you to take three minutes of your time and fill out the survey as part of the project ”DIGIAGE”. In a short amount of time, you can contribute to the future implementation of the project by providing your input. Isn’t that great?

Aiming for international network and labor sharing, DIGIAGE aims to increase the production power of the game offered to the world and to increase design exports. Increasing its production for the global gaming market, the project is aiming to create a foundation for the development of bigger games with new studios that will be brought to the game ecosystem.

Therefore, we are interested in your opinion so fill out this survey! We encourage you to take 3 minutes to complete the survey and progressively help the implementation of future project activities and the establishment of a bigger gaming market.


The DIGIAGE project has great goals for the future of game development. Through international networking and labor sharing, the project aims to increase production power and design exports, creating a foundation for the development of bigger and better games. With Mobile Game and Scenario Development Camps, an International Game Development Form, and a sustainable game studio, DIGIAGE will make a significant impact on the game development industry.


As part of the project, DIGIAGE also plans to create a toolkit with educational content on coding and game scenarios, and game development. The toolkit will include innovative learning methods and techniques, making it an excellent resource for those interested in learning about game development.


Furthermore, DIGIAGE intends to reach the outputs of prototyped games, game sounds, and music, which will further enhance the quality of the games produced by the project. This will also provide a platform for game developers and musicians to showcase their talent and contribute to the project’s success.


The DIGIAGE project will make a revolution in the game development industry and change it for the better!

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