Today, in an amazing Bruxelles, we have signed one more contract which means that we are starting another project under the name of #sportTolerance, which will be implemented in Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Cypruss.

As the sole name says, for the next two years we will be putting an effort in promotion of tolerance and respect of sport. Every country will have a chance to include 6 trainers which will be passing a training and have a chance to pass new knowledge on members of their clubs and generations to come.

#SPORTolerance has a goal of contributing to developing human capacities in sport through the mobility of sports trainers which will involve educational modules and modules on the exchange of good practices in the field of using sports as a tool of prevention of radicalization, tolerance building and solidarity.

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SPORTolerance project “comes at a time when Europe is faced with economic hardship, migratory flows, terrorism, the dangerous rise of populism, xenophobic rhetoric, extremism, and other phenomena, which test our democracies and shake public trust in state and international institutions”. Although radicalisation can happen at any age, young people in search of a sense of belonging, a purpose in life, or identity, may be particularly exposed. Young people are also one of the most mobile and dynamic population groups, offering them various opportunities for interaction with persons from diverse cultural backgrounds.

SPORTolerance project aims to contribute to further human capacity development in sport through development of set of mobilities for sport coaches that will include both educational modules and modules for exchange of good practices in the field of using sport for prevention of radicalization and building tolerance and solidarity. Project will use and further develop in the field of tolerance and solidarity the non-formal educational methodology Education Through Sport /ETS/ that is an illustration of using sport as learning tool and thereby taking steps to stretch sport beyond the activity itself. ETS approach in the context of education, on the basis of non-formal education, experiential learning and active participation, is a conceptual model and a practical learning tool. The activities of this methodology assist and enrich the non-formal learning processes in the youth sector and will equip participating sport coaches with new skills and instruments to be used at daily basis. ETS methodology (official Salto resource) is a structured pedagogical non-formal educational approach that works with sport and physical activity and refers to the development of key competences of individuals and groups, in order to contribute to personal development and sustainable social transformation with a main goal – active citizenship.

The practical focus of the project is to develop skills and knowledge through educational mobility of sport coaches in order to empower them to work with young people from disadvantage background and at risk of radicalization. Through increased possibilities of social inclusion and empowering equal opportunities for youngsters with disadvantage background at risk of radicalization and providing innovative methods, #SPORTolerance project would make positive change in Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria and Cyprus.

The current small collaborative partnership will implement various activities on local, national and international level; will focus in transfer on knowledge through educational mobilities of sport coaches, promotion and sharing good practices in the field of preventing radicalization and promoting tolerance and solidarity through sport. #SPORTolerance will add to the existing knowledge, know-how and practices of participating directly and indirectly sport organizations and persons involved in project activities and outputs. All activities we will hold by this project will be available and can be used as OER (open educational resources) to the interested stakeholders.

SPORTolerance project is co-funded by ErasmusPlus Programme of the European Union (sport chapter) and is a collaborative partnership, coordinated by Bulgarian sports development association and implemented together with The Charity Game (TCG asbl) (BEL), Bosnian Representative Association for Valuable Opportunities (BRAVO) (BIH), Darko Athletics team (BUL) and Social Policy and Action Organization (CYP).


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