Name of the project:  Youth Exchange ‘’Go healthy!’’

Date of Project:  08.12. – 17.12.2023.

Sending Organization: “BRAVO”

Hosting organization: ‘’Youth Association BIID’’

Place:  Riga, Latvia

Participants age: 16+

The number of participants: 6

Working language: English

The Youth Exchange will be grounded in non-formal education, with an experienced trainers’ team facilitating the participants’ learning process. The methodology will prioritize a learner-centered approach and include theoretical elements covering Erasmus+ and theater and drama methodology. Practical components will equip youth workers with theater tools to empower minorities, foster experience sharing, and encourage reflection on acquired competences, alongside the development of new theater methodologies for working with minority youth.


  1. Nedžla Šakić
  2. Naira Džepar
  3. Sara Jakovljević
  4. Adisa Karaosmanović
  5. Kenan Junuzović
  6. Benjamin Dlakić


  1. Taida Terzo
  2. Melika Delić
  3. Jakuta Duvnjak
  4. Harun Varupa
  5. Haris Kahriman
More about BRAVO you can see on our video below: 
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