• Name of the project: Balkan’s Gate Residency (Visual Storytelling Lab)


  • Date of Project: 20.03. – 25.03.2024.
  • Sending organization: “BRAVO”

  • Hosting Organization: “Kreo Association and Interaktiv Bitola”
  • Place: Tirana, Albania


  • Participants age: 18-30
  • The number of participants: 5
  • Working language: English

The project aims to nurture the creativity of passionate young individuals with a keen interest in cinema. Throughout a 5-day residency, participants will embark on a journey of artistic exploration, developing short films that delve into important social themes. This initiative not only nurtures their artistic talents but also equips them with practical skills essential for bringing their creative visions to life.
Participants will be encouraged to choose social themes that resonate with them whether it’s environmental conservation, social justice, mental health awareness, or any other pressing issue. By empowering them to tell stories that matter to them, we aim to amplify their voices and spark meaningful conversations within their communities.
At the end of the residency, participants will have produced short films that reflect their unique perspectives and creative talents. These films will serve as powerful tools for advocacy, education, and inspiration, reaching wider audiences. Additionally, participants will leave with a newfound confidence in their abilities as filmmakers and a deeper understanding of the potential of cinema as a medium for social change.


1. Sara Jakovljević
2. Džejla Živojević
3. Refika Agbabić
4. Rania Mehović
5. Adisa Karaosmanović


1. Mirela Salihović
2. Asja Hasanović

More about BRAVO you can see on our video below: 

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