• Name of the project:  Training Course  “Entrepreneurial Mastery: Crafting Success through Mindset, Collaboration, and Planning”

  • Date of Project:  18.01.2024. – 26.01.2024.

  • Sending Organization: ”BRAVO”

  • Hosting organization: ‘’The MeOut Group’’

  • Place:  Balatonszárszo, Hungary

  • Participants age: 18+

  • The number of participants: 4

  • Working language: English

The project will help participants understand their strengths, weaknesses, and areas for growth, fostering self-awareness crucial for entrepreneurial success. It will enhance participants’ communication abilities, emphasizing effective communication strategies vital for networking, pitching ideas, and building successful business relationships. It will guide participants through the process of creating a business plan, providing a roadmap for their entrepreneurial journey.


  1. Mirza Hajdarhodžić
  2. Tarik Dudić
  3. Amar Đuhera
  4. Azra Haskić


  1. Amar Kustura
More about BRAVO you can see on our video below: 
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