* Name of the project: Training Course “Conflict Resolution Through Storytelling”

* Date of Project: 10.04. – 18.04.2023.

* Hosting organization: “BRAVO”

* Place:  Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

* Participants age: 18+

* The number of participants: 6 from BIH (35 in total)

Storytelling is an intrinsic part of the human experience and is an important way in which we organize our experience of the world. Understanding how human beings create and use different stories is important because it provides participants with the tools to understand and interact with the social world around them. This will empower participants to think critically about the narratives that surround them in their personal and professional lives and to understand that these stories are not necessarily set in stone and have the potential to be rewritten. These skill sets will enhance participants’ employability and professional practice as great storytelling is important for diverse sectors such marketing but also for social professions such as youth work. Particularly youth work that is strife with local, community, national or international conflict



1. Aleksandra Jovandić
2. Sara Jakovljević
3. Adin Hujdur
4. Tarik Dudić
5. Iman Škaljić
6. Amra Softić


1. Emina Škaljić
2. Alen Milenković


More about BRAVO you can see on our video below: 

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