In a collaborative effort between BRAVO BiH and the Foundation of Entrepreneurs, the second School of Entrepreneurship unfolded at the High School of Business in Sarajevo on Friday December 1st, 2023. This event marked the convergence of 40 students from both the High School of Business and the High School of Economics in Sarajevo. The primary objective was to instill the entrepreneurial spirit within these young minds, offering valuable insights to foster their potential as future leaders.

The engaged and enthusiastic participation of the students was both an honor and a pleasure for our team. The meticulously designed program aimed at delivering impactful knowledge and practical perspectives, ensuring that attendees departed the training session not only motivated but also equipped with fresh perspectives on the myriad of opportunities surrounding them. 

Notably, the speakers, including Haris Muratović on the “Importance of branding and visual identity,” Dr. Samir Vildić exploring the “Economic Potentials of BiH,” Ismail Šehić shedding light on “Your own boss! Why start a company?” and Vedad Karović sharing personal experiences related to the “traveled BiH” platform, contributed to the overall enriching experience for all present.

Furthermore, the event delved into the extensive possibilities offered by the Erasmus+ and ESC programmes, exploring these opportunities in detail. The speakers and participants engaged in comprehensive discussions about the transformative potential of these programs, opening avenues for international collaboration and skill development. A heartfelt appreciation goes to the director of the High School of Business, Mirela Lončarić, and her colleague Velida Begović for their warm hospitality. As we conclude this successful event, we eagerly anticipate and look forward to future collaborations and joint projects that will further contribute to nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

More about BRAVO you can see on our video below: 

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