On 16th of February 2021 the partners of #SafeSPORTevent have gathered online to discuss project activities, administration, implementation and reporting of projects in the field of sports, as well as the opportunities for implementation of activities in time of pandemic COVID-19.

#SafeSPORTevent project comes in very challenging times for Europe and the world. European Commission’s main objective is the safety of all Erasmus+ and European’s Solidarity Corps’ participants and protection from any further similar challenges that might come in future. As European Commission enthusiastically works in helping with biosecurity emergencies such as #COVID19, the present project will provide practical scenarios and tools for sport organizations to ensure safety and security protocols. Project has been developed with and for sport entities to ensure the proper reactions of sport managers, organizers, and volunteers in case of security emergency.

#SafeSPORTevent aims to protect athletes, especially the youngest ones, from health and safety hazards by improving training and competition conditions, especially during major security threats that need to be handled by specific security protocols that currently do not exist in the sport sector. The practical focus of the project is to support the mobility of volunteers, coaches, managers, and staff of non-profit sports organizations for educational purposes and to help them acquire and improve the skills needed to operate when a safe and secure environment has been disturbed. Goal is to empower them to co-create and use specific protocols for safety and security, tailored for large groups of people during the sports events.

Throughout education #SafeSPORTevent project can help increase awareness in the field of safety and security in sport, thus making positive change in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, and Turkey as direct project beneficiaries, but also all over Europe as project deliverables will be freely shared with the sport community.


  • Good practices toolkit: Safe Sport Event edition including practical brochures (protocols) for Safe Sport Event that sport organizations can use as guide during the organization of local/national/international sport events and innovative Education Through Sport activities with focus on safety and security (non-formal educational activities).
  • Empowered sport managers, administrators, and volunteers in two European Union countries, and one in each Programme country and Western Balkans country to work on raising awareness of safety and security protocols in sport with a focus on sport events.
  • Completed international training Complex security environment and Sports and implemented local training courses as a replication of the international TC to ensure snowfall effect.

    #SafeSPORTevent is co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.



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