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Hello to all of our BRAVO friends and family! We are coming to you live from the project “Only What You Give is Yours” (O’Visor) with a special announcement!


If you have been following our social media channels, you may have seen that 3 weeks ago we went public with a Photography/Illustration contest with the overall theme being “Solidarity of volunteers and help of young people in crisis situations”. After 2 weeks of submissions open, the contest officially closed on January 20th, 2022 and we are happy to share with you all that our contest was a huge success! As a recap, the 1st place prize amounted to 500KM, 2nd place prize amounted to 300KM, and the 3rd place prize amounted to 200KM.

Here were the rules:

  • Share with us a photo you took or create an illustration on one of the following topics:
    • Solidarity of volunteers & help of young people in crisis situations in the EU
    • Solidarity of volunteers & help of young people in crisis situations in the Western Balkans
  • The photos were taken during a crisis, flood, earthquake and to see people helping each other and cooperating or the illustrations were created based on any of the abovementioned topics
  • The contest is open to everyone although awards can only by won by Bosnian citizens

Now, it’s time for the winners. DRUM ROLL PLEASE…

Coming in 1st place, we have Berina Ibrić, 19 years old, from Zavidovići, BiH. Below is an original piece of artwork Berina created and we were just taken away by how beautiful the piece is!

We had a total of 34 applicants in total, ranging from 16 – 45 years old, coming from 16 different cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. What an amazing turnout! As each applicant was able to submit a maximum of 3 photos and/or illustrations, we had a total of 73 images/artworks submitted!

The O’Visor team went through an intense voting process where we found it extremely difficult to narrow down 73 submissions to the top 3 winners however, for those who didn’t win a monetary prize this time around, we will actually be handpicking select submissions to showcase at our upcoming Photo Exhibition event in Athens, Greece taking place from February 25th – February 28th, 2022. We want to thank everyone for taking the time to submit their entries to our contest and we are grateful to see so many individuals passionate about helping our country in dire times of need!

The aim of the Only What You Give is Yours (O’VISOR) project is strengthening EU unity and supporting the Western Balkan region on the way to EU, in addition to strengthening EU and WB identity and conscience built from the grassroots to the community-based, community-built and community-supported starting with the impact and improvement of volunteering policies at the transnational level. This all starts with the impact each and every one of us make every day and we hope that you all will continue being great citizens of our country and work towards creating a better life for all.


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