Throughout everyday work, BRAVO tries to write life-changing stories that will brighten the future of the youth of Bosnia and Herzegovina. On this path, we are attempting to address a variety of issues, including climate change, mental health, unemployment, corruption, and others. We are witnesses ourselves that the society we live and grow in is corrupt. Currently, our battles are being fought on various fields, and one of them is corruption which overall presents a big problem our country is facing.

Our battle against corruption has been going for a while and being vocal about it contributed to raising awareness among the wider masses. Still, that doesn’t dispute the fact that there is a long way to achieving our mission and defeating corruption. What will gradually help us in achieving our mission is the reinforcement we got.

On the 31st of January, BRAVO and the Association of Criminologists and Security Managers-KKMS signed a cooperation agreement that will surely have a positive outcome for both sides included as well as the external participants. By signing this cooperation agreement, BRAVO will expand its reach in the area of work in the field of anti-corruption and criminology. Especially, inside the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina as our work in such fields will be presented to the groups of people that haven’t been previously familiar with us or our work. This opportunity is one of the valuable opportunities that will have a positive outcome on our organization, through which we will gain experience and increase our professional knowledge.

BRAVO has extensive expertise with European projects, having been involved in and implemented a number of them that were co-funded by the European Commission. Having that in mind, our contribution to this cooperation will be visible in assisting KKMS in entering the International European market through European projects. That way, their work and contribution to society will be promoted outside the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina and they will reach milestones in their field of work.

This cooperation agreement presents our driven force and motivation to do work harder and change the problems that are negatively impacting the population of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Corruption is a real problem to which we can’t and must not turn a blind eye. Until there is corruption, BRAVO will not stop its battle and expand the union.

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