Already well-known O’VISOR 🇪🇺 project, organized by BRAVO – Bosnian Representative Organization for Valuable Opportunities and supported by the European Commission 🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺, has got something new for all photography lovers.


We are proud to announce a photography contest that offers fantastic monetary awards along with exhibiting all chosen artworks on international exhibitions in Athens 🇬🇷🇬🇷 in February and in Sarajevo 🇧🇦 in April this year. O’VISOR project is common work for sharing EU solidarity, cooperation and volunteering framework through cooperation of 10 CSO-s coming from 10 different countries. It aims for strengthening the EU unity and supporting WB region on the way to EU, making a community-based, community-built and community-supported impact and improvement of volunteering policies at the transnational level, supporting solidarity in the time of crises and boosting cooperation of the EU countries with WB. 

The goal is to foster awareness and public understanding about the importance of the volunteerism and solidarity issues, improve sustainable conditions for civic and democratic participation at EU level and include citizens from the WB countries. Accordingly, O’VISOR exhibitions are designed to gather visual artworks to show examples of good practice in volunteerism and solidarity during crisis and inspire other young people to help their communities when in need. 

To support O'VISOR, we invite you to share your photography or illustration with us and win your award:
1st. place - 500 KM + free trip to the exhibition in Athens  
2nd. place - 300KM
3rd. place - 200KM
for each of the best three photos  or illustrations  on either of the  different topics listed below. 
Regardless of winning a prize, all chosen artworks have a chance to be exhibited and promoted  on exhibitions. If this sounds good enough, follow the pocedure:

👇 1. Share with us a photo you took 📸 or create an illustration 🎨 on one of the following topics:

  • a) Solidarity of volunteers and help of young people in crisis situations in the EU
  • b) Solidarity of volunteers and help of young people in crisis situations in the Western Balkans *three awards are reserved for each topic 🎉

2. Send us your info, artwork and description of it via this google form until the 20th of January☝️ 

3. Check the contest results on the 25th of January. 🥇

Before applying, please pay attention to the rules   👇
  • The contest is open to everyone, regardless of their age, occupation or any other affiliation 👐 
  • Each participant can send a maximum of three 3️⃣ artworks
  • The photos were taken during a crisis, flood, earthquake and to see people helping each other and cooperating or illustrations were created based on any of the above mentioned topics
  • The photos and/or artwork can already be published somewhere but they must be your own work
  • All artworks that don’t belong to you will be automatically disqualified 🔐 
  • Photos and illustrations should not be smaller than 2000px and 150-300dpi (recommended). However, it is still possible to win if the size is different or if the image quality is low as we understand in times of crisis we do not have time to stop to take the perfect photo. We will just modify it a bit if we decide that it should be at the exhibition.
  • Awards can be won only by Bosnian citizens, however, all others can apply and get their artwork exhibited in Athens and in Sarajevo 🎁 

Once again, deadline is the 20th of January!

Greece and our prizes are waiting for you and we are impatient to see how your art inspires young people across countries!


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