BRAVO announces CALL for 2 participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina for Meeting in Salerno, Italy from 29.05 – 01.06.2018.

Name of project: “Solidarity Alliance for Citizen Engagement across Europe – SolidAlCiti”
Date of TC: 29.05– 01.06.2018. 
Organizer: SODALIS CSV
Place: Salerno, Italy
Participants: 2 (Age of participants have to be 18+)
Working language: English
Participating countries: Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Estonia, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, United Kingdom

Meeting is project under Erasmus for Citizens program what means that TC is under EfC rules. Accommodation, food and travel costs (limit 180€) are covered by organizers.

Maximum of 2 days before OR after the program are allowed for extra stays (which will not be covered by the SODALIS CSV).


Project Summary
The main aim of the “SolidAlCiti” project is to make a step further in recognising and promoting cross-border voluntary work, valorising the experience of volunteering organizations as well as the potential of volunteer work at the transnational level, especially among young people and migrants, starting with those affiliated to the applicant and its partners, in providing civil protection and/or humanitarian assistance in emergency situations (such as the 1998 Sarno landslide case in Italy, the forest fires in Spain in 2012 and in Sweden two years later, and the 2014 enormous floods in Western Serbia and BiH) through cooperation among local and foreign citizens. A practical reasoning about specific expertise arisen from initiatives within CSOs in providing civil protection and/or humanitarian assistance in emergency situations as well as in finding common solutions concerning residual risk in the aftermath of the events will be strengthened through direct contributions from migrants who have experienced a disaster and/or were directly involved in emergency management.
It is widely recognized today that voluntary-based organizations have a vital role in dealing extensively with the health and social care in the interest of all citizens. They can thus represent the voice of the communities they serve, including underrepresented groups and all those who are at risk of social exclusion.
Voluntary organizations are often the quickest force to intervene in response to an unmet condition where or when public or private sector interventions can’t fully address the needs of a population. They use to work with the most disadvantaged communities addressing both geographic localities and communities of interest across EU.
The partners will share their best practices on innovative forms to strengthen lies in their respective volunteer networks, especially when including third-countries nationals and representing the interest of vulnerable people regardless of their origin.


Details of the meeting
Hosting organization: CSV Sodalis Salerno
Venue of the project: Grand Hotel Salerno, Salerno – ITALY (
Dates: 29 May – 1 June 2018
Meeting participant No: 2 participants (if possible 1 volunteer involved in the fields of the project)
Age: for volunteer between 17-30 years old. No age limit for other participant


We invite you anticipate the costs of tickets for trip. Within 5 days from receipt of the original tickets we will send money by bank transfer of the amount spent.
Max amount per person in Euro:
UK 275


Participants will be lodged in Grand Hotel Salerno (, centrally located in Salerno, a beautiful city in south Italy. The hotel offers twin rooms with private bathroom, towels and bed linens. All meals will be covered by the CSV Salerno (from the dinner of May 29 to the breakfast of June 1).
The hotel is in the center of the city and all services are just a few meters away, 5 minutes from the train station (400 meters).

Salerno is a city in Campania (southwestern Italy) and is the capital of the province of the same name. It is located on the Gulf of Salerno on the Tyrrhenian Sea. The city is divided into three distinct zones: the medieval sector, the 19th century sector and the more densely populated post-war area, with its several apartment blocks. Salerno was an independent Lombard principality, Principality of Salerno, in the early Middle Ages. During this time, the Schola Medica Salernitana, the first medical school in the world, was founded. In the 16th century, under the Sanseverino family, among the most powerful feudal lords in southern Italy, the city became a great centre of learning, culture and the arts, and the family hired several of the greatest intellectuals of the time.Later, in 1694, the city was struck by several catastrophic earthquakes and plagues.After a period of Spanish rule which would last until the 18th century, Salerno became part of the Parthenopean Republic.
In recent history the city hosted Victor Emmanuel III, the King of Italy, who moved from Rome in 1943 after Italy negotiated a peace with the Allies in World War II, making Salerno the home of the “government of the South” (Regno del Sud) and therefore provisional government seat for six months. Some of the Allied landings during Operation Avalanche (the invasion of Italy) occurred near Salerno. Today Salerno is an important cultural centre in Campania and Italy.
A patron saint of Salerno is Saint Matthew, the Apostle, whose relics are kept here at the crypt of Salerno Cathedral.


Send short motivation letter until 500 words (in the word document) on mail: [email protected] until 01.05.2018. with “subject = name of project you are applying for”.

All questions you can send to: [email protected]


Mail for applying: [email protected]

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