• Name of the project:  Long-term ESC volunteering ‘’Juventude Social’’
  • Duration of the project:  210 days (7 months)
  • Date of the project: January of 2024 – July of 2024
  • Sending Organization: ”BRAVO”
  • Hosting organization: ‘’Aventura Marão Clube’’
  • Place:  Amarante, Portugal
  • Participants age: 18 – 30

  • The number of participants: 
    Bosnia and Herzegovina: 2
    Europe: 4

  • Working language: English

  • Deadline for applying: 30.10.2023.

This project is supported and co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme. It means that your travel costs, accommodation, and food will be fully covered if you get selected for the project. The European Commission’s support for the production of this publication does not constitute an endorsement of the contents, which reflect the views only of the authors, and the Commission nor EACEA can be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.



The project’s overarching mission is to address and engage with a range of essential themes, thereby making a meaningful impact on both local and broader communities. These themes include:

  1. Youth Empowerment: Focusing on aspects such as youth participation, youth work, and youth policy, this project strives to promote the active involvement of young people in their communities. Additionally, it aims to facilitate greater mobility opportunities for young individuals and encourages the adoption of healthier lifestyles.
  2. Inclusion and Equity: This dimension of the project seeks to promote inclusion and equity within society, particularly by addressing the needs and challenges faced by individuals with disabilities and children. It also embraces inter-generational activities, fostering greater understanding and cooperation among different age groups.
  3. Creativity and Culture: Aiming to enhance the local cultural landscape, the project is deeply committed to organizing and supporting local events, building a dynamic cultural agenda, and effectively managing cultural projects. Furthermore, it strives to create a vibrant environment for free time activities, enriching the lives of the communities it serves.



  1. Youth Participation: Encourage and enable young people to actively engage in community activities, decision-making processes, and initiatives that directly affect their lives.
  2. Youth Work Enhancement: Promote and support the development of youth work by providing resources, training, and opportunities for youth workers to enhance their skills and effectively serve the youth population.
  3. Youth Policy Advancement: Contribute to the formulation and implementation of youth-friendly policies, advocating for the rights and interests of young individuals within the community and at the policy level.
  4. Healthy Lifestyles Promotion: Educate and inspire young individuals to adopt and maintain healthier lifestyles by organizing campaigns, events, and educational activities that emphasize physical and mental well-being.
  5. Promoting Inclusion: Work towards creating a more inclusive society by addressing the specific needs and challenges faced by individuals with disabilities, ensuring they have equal access to opportunities and services.


  • Youngsters between 18 and 30 years old;
  • Motivated to participate in volunteer actions and activities that enable the development of skills key, experiences, and learning;
  • Aware of their role and to be able to participate in all phases of the volunteer activity in which they will be involved;
  • Interested in participating and contributing to volunteer activities oriented towards priorities and values of European countries promoted by Erasmus+ and the ESC.


In 2008 Aventura Marão Clube started to manage the local youth center/hostel, Casa da Juventude de Amarante (CJ Amarante), a study case project as it was the first private body managing public equipment in Portugal. CJ Amarante’s initial strategy was to support local youth initiatives to approach youngsters to our values, develop mobility and participation projects, and offer accommodation and food services). AMC has recently received the quality label for ESC and Erasmus+ accreditation for Youth (that intends to systematize our performance in terms of mobility of young people and workers in the youth area) about the themes that we defined in our strategy


Amarante is a historical city in northern Portugal with a huge natural and built heritage, the city’s cultural and artistic tradition made Amarante a Creative City of the UNESCO network. With 56 thousand inhabitants, Amarante is the municipality with the biggest area of the Porto district. Cultural and artistic events are an integral part of Amarante’s identity, with various festivals and cultural celebrations taking place throughout the year. The São Gonçalo Festival, in particular, is a lively and colorful affair, drawing locals and visitors alike to enjoy processions, traditional music, and dance performances. Whether you’re interested in exploring its rich history, indulging in delicious cuisine, or simply enjoying the scenic beauty, Amarante offers a delightful and enriching experience for visitors.



Accommodation will be in an apartment or house (both in Amarante’s city center and near our youth center) or also at Youth Village, where usually we host our volunteers. These places are well-equipped with rooms, bathrooms, and a kitchen. In some cases, volunteers might have to share rooms – Double rooms. Volunteers are allowed to have guests for free (accommodation) on a good sense basis and after agreement from the Hosting Organization.


Food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) will be given from Monday to Saturday (6 days per week) by our organization at the youth center (Casa da Juventude de Amarante) where usually we serve meals to our volunteers (we run a vegetarian restaurant there). Food is vegetarian (including eggs, milk, seitan, tofu, mushrooms, etc.). In one day of the week will be with provided one nonvegetarian dinner. Besides that, we will give 35€/month to each volunteer to organize their own meals on Sunday.


The “Pocket money” to the volunteer for additional personal expenses according to the ESC Guide 2023 is a contribution of 6€/day per volunteer. You will be insured by the Henner Insurance Plan and receive their personal membership card.


Fully Covered 

How to apply?

  1. Complete the BRAVO- APPLICATION FORM with in English title as following ”name of the project you are applying for” until 23:59 on deadline day.
  2. Deadline for applying: 30.10.2023.
  3. Selection results: 30.11.2023.
  5. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at:
Who is BRAVO? Watch a video below and enjoy <3

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