Open Call for Participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina for Training Course in Romania

  • Name of the project: “BRIDGES”
  • Date of Project: 01.04.2022. – 11.04.2022.
  • Sending organizations: “BRAVO“
  • Place: Slanic Moldova, Romania
  • Participants age: + 18
  • The number of participants: 2
  • Working language: English
  • Deadline for applying: 15.02.2021
  • Note: Preference is given to all persons who have been fully vaccinated.


To develop among youth workers the skills they need to strategically address the young people with fewer opportunities’ challenges through youth policies developed #TOGETHER with the decision makers. To develop among youth workers the capacity to #BUILD, #SUPPORT and #STRENGTHEN a sustainable partnership with the decision makers from the youth field, through advocacy and lobby campaigns planned to convince the authorities about the young people with fewer opportunities’ role in the decision-making process. To develop among youth workers the fundraising and grants writing skills they need in order to develop future structured dialogue projects in which to #CONSULT the young people with fewer opportunities and different stakeholders and build relevant #YOUTHPOLICIES


Each partner will be represented in each Training Course by 2 youth workers with the age above 18 years old. Also, the participants must prove their experience as youth workers. In the same time, it is extremely important the 2 youth workers representing each partner organization to join both mobilities, taking into consideration their learning process throughout the whole project. Also, between the two mobilities the 2 youth workers should get involved in organizing the consultation with the young people, but also to identify and connect with the local stakeholders in the field of youth. Throughout the entire process, they will be helped by the project team.


The participants’ preparations should be done at three main levels, after the selection process:


Logistic preparations: First, the contact persons should inform the participants about all the project’s details. Second, participants must be helped to establish all the logistic details regarding their travel to Romania. This will include travel plan, buying tickets, medical insurance, and visa (if it is the case) etc. The contact person should also check if the participants understood all the details regarding the exchange.


Learning process: The contact persons should help the participants to establish their personal learning objectives, being also in charge with monitoring and evaluating participants’ learning objectives. He/she is in charge with tasks sharing within the national groups and monitoring that all tasks to be done on time and according to the deadlines. They need to ensure that all the participants from their group are aware about the learning process and that the training courses are learning experiences.


Social and cultural level: The contact persons should know the youth workers from his/her/their group and to facilitate the cooperation, dialogue, and teambuilding within the national groups before the training courses. They must promote tolerance and solidarity within their groups and to inform the participants about the cultural differences, the cultural context within the project will be held, but also about the group rules/code of conduct.


Anyone considering travel to Romania should check the latest information from the local authorities regarding requirements for international passengers arriving in the country. Romania is currently applying a classification of risk based on country of origin. These can be either GREEN, YELLOW or RED.

Here you may find what are the countries on the RED, YELLOW and GREEN list: (the list is updated regularly – each week).

  • Anyone arriving to Romania from GREEN COUNTRIES can enter Romania without any restrictions.
  • Participants arriving from YELLOW COUNTRIES must be vaccinated or show a PCR negative result taking within maximum 72 hours prior their arrival in Romania.
  • Anyone arriving to Romania from RED COUNTRIES, will be required to selfquarantine for 14 days, except if they are fully vaccinated (10 days and more after the second dose of the vaccine – if a second dose was required) or they have been infected with SARS-COV-2 in the last 90 days – with medical evidences: a positive RT-PCR test at the date they received the diagnosis & the hospital discharge ticket or a test proving the presence of IgG antibodies performed with a maximum of 14 days before coming the Romania. For RED COUNTRIES, PCR is not enough to avoid quarantine, vaccination proof is required.

COVID-19 VACCINATION is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for selected participants, as guarantees a very easy travel process and PREDICTIBILITY in any of the 3 risk situations above. Additionally, it provides comfort and security to other participants from the group, while enjoying the project.

During your travel to Romania, people should have with them masks and disinfectant. During both mobilities, we will provide masks, disinfectants and fast COVID-19 antigen tests for all participants.

PCR test cost (arrival) can exceptionally be covered only for participants arriving from YELLOW countries (if applicable at mobility date), in case vaccination can’t be taken or is not available.

PCR test costs is not covered for the other 2 scenarios (GREEN and RED), since these are either (1) not needed for participants arriving from GREEN countries; or (2) they still require quarantine for the participants arriving from RED countries.

If on arrival, participants receive a QUARANTINE decision, they must know they cannot quarantine in the hotel where the project is held, as we cannot risk the entire group to go to quarantine and they need either (1) to go back to their country in maximum 72 hours, (2) cover their own quarantine costs or (3) quarantine in an institutionalized quarantine hotel provided by state.


Travel costs are budgeted according to Erasmus+ conditions, using the distance calculator from the city where each sending organization it is registered to the city where the mobility will take place. 

  • Between 10 and 99 KM: 20 EUR per participant Romania
  • Between 100 and 499 KM 180 EUR per participant Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria
  • Between 500 and 1999 KM: 275 EUR per participant Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Greece, Italy, Malta, Palestine, Russia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine
  • Between 2000 and 2999 KM: 360 EUR per participant Spain

The amounts above represents the maximum amount that may be reimbursed for one participant, depending by their sending country. According to the Romanian National Agency rules, the reimbursement of the travel and visa costs will be done after the activity in the bank account of your sending organization, per national group and not individually, based on all travel documents in original.


The accommodation is 100% covered by Erasmus+ Programme, between 6 th of December 2021 (Check in after 14:00) and 16th of December 2021 (Check out before 12:00) for the first training course and between 1st of April 2022 (Check in after 14:00) and 11th of April 2022 (Check out before 12:00) for the second training course. During the training courses participants will be hosted at Pensiunea Poiana Verde from Slanic Moldova. The rooms will be shared between 2 or 3 people. Some of the rooms have 3 beds, others TWIN beds and a couch, others have a matrimonial/shared bed and a third bed, a matrimonial/shared bed and a couch or just a matrimonial/shared bed. If you want to share the room with someone, please let us know in time. The food and coffee breaks are 100% covered by Erasmus+ Programme.


  1. Read carefully the project call
  2. Read carefully the project tasks and requests
  3. Check „participants profile“, maybe you are fitting perfectly
  4. Fill out the BRAVO Application Form by 15.02.2022.


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