Open Call for Participants for the Training Course in Bulgaria

  • Name of the project: “Think Twice”
  • Date of Project: 07.03.2022. – 13.03.2022.
  • Hosting organization: “Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bulgaria ”
  • Sending organizations: “BRAVO“
  • Place: Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • Participants age: 20+ 
  • The number of participants : 3
  • Working language: English
  • Deadline for applying: 25.01.2021
  • Note: Preference is given to all persons who have been fully vaccinated.


The main objective of the “Twice” project is to increase the digital media literacy of young people and make them more resistant to misinformation in digital enviroment. The objectives of the project are as follows:


  • to develop young people’s digital media skills;
  • to encourage young people to think critically about the digital content which they create and consume online;
  • to promote the importance of digital media literacy as a tool to counteract misinformation and violation of human rights.

The projects include organizations from 10 countries from the Balkan Peninsula: Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Turkey, North Macedonia, Greece, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania which will take part in the one-week training for youth workers “THINK TWICE” as well as in the following activities for the promotion of digital and media literacy on a local and national level.


Age: over 20 years;

Occupation: youth workers, junior journalists, students /majoring in Communications, Media, Social Activities, other relevant to the topic majors/, bloggers and vloggers, human rights activists, volunteers in youth organizations, teachers;

Additional preferences: Experience in online communications; Experience in working with disadvantaged young people;

Working language: English – written and spoken;

Logistics requirements: to be present throughout the training.


6 days accommodation and meals will be covered by the project. Travel expenses will be reimbursed to the participants after the training course, based on their actual costs and not exceeding the Erasmus+ distance calculator band as follows:  Bosnia and Herzegovina – 275 Euro

COVID-19 tests (antigen or PCR) are not covered by the project, but if a participant is under their travel budget and a test is needed, the differece could be used to cover those expenses.


The reimbursement for your travel expenses will be made through bank transfer after the training and within 45 days from the date when we receive the originals of your travel documentation by post. In order to be eligible for reimbursement, the travel should:


  • Be the cheapest possible;
  • 2nd class tickets;
  • Arrival should be no later than March 7th;
  • Departure should not be before March 13th ;
  • Without any unnecessary stops.


  1. Read carefully the project call

  2. Read carefully the project tasks and requests

  3. Check „participants profile“, maybe you are fitting perfectly

  4. Fill out the BRAVO Application Form by 25.01.2022.


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