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Open call for applicants for 2021

  • Name of the project: EUROCHANGEMAKERS


    • Date of Project: 25.09.2021

    • Place: Dječija kuća,Sarajevo

    • Participants age: 15 – 30

    • Working language: English

    • Deadline for applying: 22.09.2021.

Its your time to show your Project Designing skills

Aim and objectives of the project:

25th September, 2021 on location Dječija kuća – Grbavica we are gathering people who will create solutions for everyday problems in 3 categories.  PEOPLE + IDEAS + ACTION = CHANGE

Three categories that the participants will brainstorm are:  

  • social cohesion
  • environmental challenges
  • and digital-based on design thinking

You are probably wondering what a hackathon actually is, here, we prepared an explanation for you. Civic hacking itself is a creative and often (but not necessarily) technological approach to solving civic problems. Hackathon also has focus on developing people of different interests, passions, skills, wishes etc.

Profile of participants: 

  • open-minded and friendly person

  • hard-working and motivated

  • interested in this topic

  • someone who like innovations 

  • creative person 

  • Do not have to be from IT/tech backgrounds since Civic Hackathon is not focused solely on solving problems through technology

BRAVO is also putting some valuable prizes on the table for those who dare to be creative:

A paid trip to Romania and a chance to compete and represent your country at the international Hackathon

  • 400 KM for the winner,

  • 200 KM for the second place

  • 100 KM for third place

Covid-19 measures:

We will:

  • arange with the hotel to enable us to keep physical distance during all activities 
  • provide enough masks and disinfection products for all participants
  • be at your disposal for any information and support related to this topic
  • organise event in a way that guarantees maintaining physical distance at all times

You will:

  • wear face mask all the time when you are inside the hotel
  • wash your hands regularly and use available desinfection products 
  • keep the distance from other people when you are inside
  • follow the COVID prevention rules at all times, even during the free time


EuroChangeMakers (#euroCM) project comes as a response to the current democractic challenges faced in the past months in the context of the COVID19 pandemic. The current pandemic context had a direct impact on the possibility of democratic participation of the citizens. Physical distancing measures remained in place in all EU Member States, including stay-at-home requirements, suspension of mass gatherings, and physical distancing when in public. Such measures affected many fundamental rights, including the rights to liberty and security (Article 6 of the Charter), respect for private and family life (Article 7), freedom of thought, conscience and religion (Article 10), freedom of expression and information (Article 11), freedom of assembly and of association (Article 12), freedom of the arts and sciences (Article 13), and freedom of movement and of residence (Article 45). (FRA, Bulletin 2, 2020). Thus, the upcoming period of 2021-2022 becomes a critical point for the future of the EU where citizens should gather, discuss, reflect, and get involved in critical issues for the European project: digitalization, environment, and social cohesion.

How to apply?

If you are not sure what is this event about, we prepared an explanation for you. Civic hacking itself is a creative and often (but not necessarily) technological approach to solving civic problems. Hackathon also has focused on developing people of different interests, passions, skills, wishes etc. People + Ideas + Action = Change.

What are you exactly going to do?

Supported by the facilitators, the participants will brainstorm and share the needs of their communities in 3 main fields: social cohesion, environmental challenges, and digital-based on design thinking (adapted from the Stanford University model). After going through multiple idea development phases you will compete for the main prize.

Also, you should know that the official language of this event is English and only ONE MEMBER of the team should fill the application. The minimum number of participants in one team is 2, the maximum is 5. If you do not have team you can apply alone and you will be matched with others who did that as well.

Deadline for applying: 22.9.2021.

Before applying to this project please carefully read the explanation and details of the project and then apply.

If you have any questions feel free to contact