Open Call for 8 Participants for Game Development Camp in Bilişim Vadisi, Istanbul, Turkiye

Name of the project: “DIGI-AGE Game Development & Coding Academy”


Date of Project: 1.09.2022. – 11.09.2022.


Sending Organization: ”BRAVO”


Place: Bilişim Vadisi, Istanbul, Turkiye


Participants age: +18


The number of participants: 8


Working language: English


Deadline for applying: 22.8.2022.

This project is financed by the European Commission through the Erasmus Plus Program. This publication reflects the view only of the author, and the European Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. By Erasmus+ rules organizers will cover travel costs, accommodation and food.


According to the researches and the data announced, we have seen that people watch more movies/series, play games and spend more time on social media in 2020. The game ecosystem in Turkey has gained a serious momentum with the sales realized in the last 2 years. In the last 5 years, 2.4 billion dollars have been invested in the Turkish gaming industry from global companies. The fact that our newly graduated, bright minds turn their eyes to this sector and investors get to know the game sector better after global sales will lead to a faster development of the sector. We also think that foreign investments in the Turkish gaming industry will continue. The star of this sector will shine even more in the coming period, and we may see other surprise sales. Interest in digital content has increased during the pandemic period. We think that this effect will continue in 2022. In project scope;


* We want to organize Mobile Game and Scenario Development Camps. With this project, we want to physically realize our online scenario development camp, which we held together with companies such as TRT and Sendir, under the auspices of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Industry and Technology, with this project. We want to provide training to young people from theory to real practice and to be a sustainable game studio in cooperation with BAU. At the same time, we will have a continuous training content with our LMS system partner Enocta. We also want to reach the outputs of prototyped games, game sounds and music.


* We want to create a toolkit with educational content on coding and game scenario and game development, including innovative learning methods and techniques, and as an intellectual output


* We want to organize the International Game Development Form (Summits). At this summit, representatives of the sector, leaders of the sector, decision makers, policy makers, experts, academics, bureaucrats, youth workers and young people will come together and work together. At the end of the summit, it is aimed to produce a policy document / strategy plan. In this study, it is aimed that young people develop their democracy skills by enabling them to come together with all other relevant people who are in the status of decision-makers and policy makers, and by enabling them to participate in policy-making processes.


* A digital platform called International Game Development and Coding Academy will be established. We will do this as a web-based software, as an intellectual output. It will be a platform with an LMS feature that is constantly updated with educational and innovative content and will include software developers, investors, representatives of institutions and organizations of the sector, experts, academics and game developers.


* There will be Hackathon and online / virtual events on game development, game scenario development, coding.


The European Commission has renewed its Youth Strategy document for the years 2019-2027. The motto of the new strategy document is: “Engaging, Connecting and Empowering young people” – “Bringing, Connecting and Empowering Youth”. The new youth strategy aims to improve quality, innovation and recognition in volunteering and learning mobility by promoting youth participation and intercultural cooperation across Europe. Within the scope of this project, young people are provided with learning, teaching and training activities, intellectual outputs, transnational project meetings, physical and online activities, Erasmus+, Youthpass, Active European Citizenship, digital competencies, Green Deal, formal, informal, non-formal learning methods and techniques, foreign.


We want to provide learning and skills in language and mother tongue expression, working individually and in teams, respect for differences, intercultural learning, entrepreneurship, coding, mobile game development, cultural and artistic skills and employability. In this context, our project activities, which are designed according to the 8 key competences of Youthpass and to achieve the above goals; It links with the horizontal and/or sectoral priorities of “Tackling digital transformation through digital readiness, resilience and capacity building”, “Promoting Active Citizenship, youth initiative and youth entrepreneurship”, “Strengthening youth employability”.


If we consider the needs of the participants and our target audience; First of all, mobile game development is a process that requires long-term, qualified and costly training. It usually requires a team, as are those who write a mobile game alone. Minimum rent etc. for this team to come together and work. They need to find a place that costs money, computers, office supplies, social benefits. Technocity and incentive support, staff salary, launching the game to the market, keeping it, marketing and advertising expenses support, financial legal support, investor support. Within the scope of the project, we want to bring game developers into the sector by educating them on these issues.


It is a platform where science turns into technology and technology becomes a product and commercializes it, and its aim is to produce new technologies and products with high added value that will strengthen Turkey’s power. As BİLİŞİM VADİSİ, we want to train new, innovative, original and young game developers, guide them and carry our work to the international arena.


In the following contents, we will carry out 2 Multiplier events, 2 LTTs, 2 Intellectual Outputs, 3 TPM activities.


– Mobile Game and Scenario Development Camps

– Creating a toolkit with educational content on coding and game scenario and game development, including innovative learning methods and techniques, and as an intellectual output

– International Game Development Form (Summits)

– Establishment of a digital platform called International Game Development and Coding Academy

– Hackathon and online / virtual events on game development, game scenario development, coding

Where will it take place?

The camp will take place in Bilişim Vadisi | Kocaeli -Gebze campus.

How can I get there?

On September 1; Our shuttles from Gebze Bus Terminal, Marmaray and Gebze Center AVM will bring the participants to the campsite from the designated points.

Who can join?

Anyone over the age of 18 who is interested in the game ecosystem can join our camp. There is no age limit for online participation.

Will we pay any fees for events, training or meals?

Breakfast and food service will be provided by Bilişim Vadisi. There are also paid facilities such as Market & Cafe in Bilişim Vadisi.


BRAVO and Bilisim Vadisi will FULLY cover all costs such as TRAVEL, FOOD, ACCOMMODATION and COFFEE BREAKS.

Do I need to bring my computer or tablet with me?

No, You don’t have to bring your computer or tablet. There are computers in our activity area/ common room where you can work. If you need your own computer to complete your work, simply answer “yes” to the relevant question during the application.

Draft Timeline for Game Development Camp

1.Day: Arrivals/ Orientation and Socializing

First week: 10:00 to 19:00: Lessons and seminars (Heavy courses both online and physical) P.S. The lessons won’t take all day

Second week: Lessons and seminar will continue. Game development and preparations for presentation P.S. The lessons won’t take all day

11.Day: Presentations and closing ceremony with protocol participation


Accommodations and Mealtimes will be covered by DIGIAGE in camp area. There are also cafes and restaurants in Bilisim Vadisi Campus which can be preferred for the participants by payment.


Five meals will be served daily included the coffee breaks and treats.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and 2 Snack/Coffee serve


We expect people whom are very well known in the ecosystem like social media influencers, developers, studio representatives, animation artists, publishers etc. We would be honored to host every of you.


We expect to hold this camp with 600+ participants

You can access detailed information about the Camp and the application form:


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