BRAVO announces a call for the first “FREE CORONA” Youth exchange in the frame of the project “Fighting corruption, expanding the Union” for 5 participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This youth exchange will take place in Berane, Montenegro from 1st of July to 9th of July 2020.

Date of Project: 01.07.2020 – 09.07.2020. 
Applicant organization: EPEKA Montenegro
Hosting organization: EPEKA Montenegro
Sending organization: “BRAVO”
Place: Berane, Montenegro
Participants age: 16 – 25 ( leader of the group – no age limit)
The number of participants: 5 (from B&H)
Working language: English
Deadline for applying: 06.06.2020.

This project is financed by the European Commission through the Erasmus Plus Program. This publication reflects the view only of the author, and the European Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.


The project Fighting corruption – Expanding the Union involves 11 partner organizations from both EU and non-EU countries (Albania, Croatia, Spain, Romania, BiH x 2, Serbia, Belgium, Kosovo, Montenegro and Slovenia.

The last months were marked by a renewed European focus on the Western Balkan (WB) region accompanied by a new EU strategy and the visit of the Jean-Claude Juncker to the region in early March 2018. Among many obstacles on the path of WB countries joining the Union is also corruption. The latest Special Eurobarometer 470 shows that more than 60% of EU citizens think that corruption is present in their country; the corruption perception index shows a far bleaker picture for WB. Not only is corruption an impediment to joining the EU, it also has considerable impact on the economic sector, society and individuals. Thus the consortium designed “Fighting Corruption — Expanding the Union” — a project that uses a bottom-up approach to tackling corruption through educating youth workers (from the EU and WB), designing a toolkit and developing non-formal education methods, through which youth workers from partner countries will empower youth to address cases of corruption. The consortium includes 11 organisations from 10 countries (5 from the EU and 5 from WB)

Fighting corruption is a crucial priority both in EU28 and WB countries. The majority of initiatives targeting corruption are aimed at decision makers and are thus distinctly top-down in character. While these initiatives are crucial in establishing rule of law, they often overlook the fact that corruption is entrenched in culture and the most effective long-term strategy for fighting it is to make it culturally unacceptable. And in this young people are the key target group — they are the future leaders, entrepreneurs and civil society actors.

Objectives of the project:
– Increase the level and intensity of cooperation between program countries and partner countries from WB. Related to this is also the long-term aim of creating a robust youth anti-corruption platform focused on the WB but working with a decidedly inter-regional and trans-sectoral perspective.
– Increase the capacities of youth organizations based in WB.
– Increase the competences of youth workers in WB, the EU and beyond.
– Educate youth about recognizing, reporting and fighting corruption.
– Establish the image of the EU as a supranational entity taking a stand against corrupt practices.
– Design a toolkit for educating youth about corruption.
– Educate the general public about corruption in their country and ways of opposing it.

Outputs of the project:

  • Toolkit
  • 3 webinars
  • webpage
  • 5 cultural events / public interventions
  • 4 press conferences
  • 1 conference
  • educational modules based on non-formal learning methods
  • corruption in different sectors and its effects
  • media literacy
  • open information society
  • online anti-corruption activism.

Each partner organization with their participants will take over FB page Fighting corruption – Expanding the Union for one activity day under mentorship of professional journalist from Berane.

Information about the city:

This youth exchange will take place in Berane, the third biggest city in the north of Montenegro. It is one of the administrative centers of this region. Situated on the Lim River, Berane is a multi-ethnic and multi-confessional city, brimming with history. As many of the Western Balkans towns, Berane was occupies by Ottoman Empire in 15th century. Almost 5 centuries long Turkish domination left its print on the architecture of the town and that is why a part of modern Berane preserved the oriental traits.

Modern Berane can offer a wide choice of sport activities due to its rich nature and surroundings. For all the nature and eco-tourism lovers Berane could be a new pearl to discover! Starting from the Lim River there is a lot to discover in and nearby this town. In the summer, for exemple, one can go to one of the most famous national parks in Montenegro – Biogradska gora.


Biogradska gora is one of the two national parks close to Berane. The other one is called Durmitor. Durmitor National Park was proclaimed in 1952, and since 1980, it is on the UNESCO list of World Natural and Cultural Heritage. Durmitor is a place for the adventurous spirits. There you can go on hiking, biking or paragliding. Over 100 kilometers of marked hiking trails are marked by magnificent landscapes.

If you’re interested in this town’s history and architecture, you can go to the Polimski museum and find out more about this Berane’s history. There are over 9000 exhibits among which there are archeological, ethnographic, numismatic, heraldic, scientific and art collections. The most interesting exhibits are the items, clothes and weapons of the people of Budimlja; frescoes and icons from the ruined monasteries and churches and the flags of the rebellions.


The food and accommodation will be provided and paid by the host organization EPEKA Montenegro, with the financial support of the Erasmus+ Programme, the European Commission. Regarding tickets for traveling, 100% of travel costs will be reimbursed on the basis of the CHEAPEST possibilities, e.g. second class railway tickets, bus, flights, etc. by bank transfer after the kick-off meeting as soon as we get the original tickets to our mail address by post. We need you to buy round trip tickets, and send us a copy by email before arriving here, so our accountant knows, and adjust the budget.

We advise you to buy your tickets as soon as possible, so that it fits in our limited budget for 100% reimbursement. Thus, we ask you to save all documents (Original tickets, boarding passes, invoices or bills with the ticket price) which are related to your travel, since the documentation background is obligatory for reimbursement. We kindly ask you to buy all the tickets for the travel for both directions – return tickets (plane tickets, train tickets, bus tickets and etc.), because we will be able to reimburse only REAL EXPENSES (made expenses).

IMPORTANT: We cannot refund any travel costs done by taxi. Please note if you buy your tickets in a currency other than EUROs, we will convert to EUROs according to the exchange rates from the official European Commission website: Participants must travel from the country of the sending organization, and back. Following the guidelines of the Erasmus + program, the travel back must be realized by the participants on the direct way within a maximum of 2 days. (You can arrive in Montenegro up to 2 days in advance and leave up to 2 days later. The stay for additional days is not covered from the projects ’ budget)

Accommodation and food:

Travel costs: Every participant has to send us a proposal of itinerary in advance for confirmation asap. Copy of their tickets and boarding passes via e-mail and the originals via postal mail. Once we receive all of the tickets, we will reimburse your money via bank transfer or cash on the spot-whichever you prefer.

What to bring with you:

  • Passport or ID
  • Comfortable clothes for activities.
  • Towels and personal care products: shampoo, toothpaste etc.
  • Camera, laptop etc.
  • Pills and medicines.
  • Swimsuit.

Complete the BRAVO- APPLICATION FORM in English title as following ”name of the project you are applying for” until 23:59 on deadline day.

Deadline for applying: 06.06.2020.
Selection results: 10.06.2020.


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at: [email protected]

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