Open Call for 4 Participants for Training Course in Korce, Albania

Name of the project: “Youth Learning through the Power of Outdoor Activities”

Date of Project: 29.05.2022. – 05.06.2022.

Sending Organization: ”BRAVO”

Place: Korce, Albania

Participants age: +18

The number of participants: 4

Working language: English

Deadline for applying: 13.05.2022.


For the combat of the crucial issue of youth social exclusion, surveys the last years find that apart from being a source of entertainment and physical fitness, outdoor activities are a powerful social and educational tool in achieving goals on not only personal development but also peace in society. Outdoor activities allow youth to actively participate and to learn by doing, as learning requires a lot of work and activities. They help youth to change theoretical knowledge into practice, record it in the long-term memory, and create solutions to problems they encounter in daily life, based on what they have learned. Therefore, through outdoor activities we can educate youth on leadership, foster role models, promote peace and give youth hope for the future. POWER-OUT is a European youth project aiming to address the challenges of social exclusion and marginalization of young people while raising awareness on the importance of outdoor activities as a worldwide known tool for tackling inequalities and social exclusion which gives the base of our initiative designed by young people for young people. Young people that practice outdoor activities are less likely to fall into extremism and it facilitates their inclusion, brings them the opportunity to acquire outdoor activities values as part of their educational process and allows them to feel part of a group and society.

The Objectives of POWER OUT project are:

  • Raise awareness on the importance of intercultural dialogue, mutual understanding and tolerance among young Europeans of different origins
  • Draw attention to the importance of social inclusion especially concerning young people from disadvantaged cultural and ethnic minority groups
  • Develop young people’s skills and critical thinking to become more active, fit and health-conscious European citizens
  • Make young people advocates of inclusion, tolerance, dialogue and active, healthy living in their local communities
  • Provide opportunities for young people with fewer opportunities through outdoor activities-based nonformal education



Participants of the project have the following profile:

✓ 40 participants (4 per partner),

✓ aged 18+, without age limit,

✓ involved in working preferably with disadvantaged youth categories,

✓ motivated to improve their personal and professional competences as social operators specialized in promoting tolerance and awareness about youth issues and challenges among youngsters through innovative ETS and new NFE tools

✓ motivated to become positive ambassadors and promoters of the added values of the diversity in fighting against prejudice and intolerance

✓ willing to share their knowledge, skills and experience with the other participants and act as multipliers in their communities.

The selection criteria of participants are:

✓ Facing fewer opportunities,

✓ In equally good evaluated applications, then the previous experience in such kind of projects will be taken into account – the participants who have never participated to an Erasmus+ project will have priority to the ones that have already been to be introduced to the European values and develop a sense of European citizenship and identity and also have the opportunity to raise their awareness of other countries and cultures.


The mobility will be in English and therefore participants should be able to communicate in English.

Intercultural Night: Participants are requested to present their home country and its culture to the group (no use of presentations, etc.) by telling a short story about it, bringing some traditional food, perform a dance, or some other tradition.

Youthpass Certificates: All participants will receive a Youthpass certificate at the end of the mobility.


All Participants should:

✓ Send a copy of ID/Passport as it is needed for the Erasmus+ Mobility Tool, its management tool where all information about participants must be filled


✓ Provide a copy of their vaccination/disease Certificates prior their arrival, if available

✓ Provide a negative PCR test (72 hours before arrival) or an Antigen/Rapid test (48 hours before arrival)

✓ Provide Visa information, where needed

✓ Reimbursement documents must be provided in original, so please do keep them in a safe place


Accommodation & Seminar Venue: Grand Hotel, Korce (Albania)


The activity will take place in Korce, Albania, in the Grand Hotel which is located in the city center. Accommodation will be provided in a hotel in double/triple rooms, with private bathrooms and breakfast. However, final booking of accommodation will be done after we receives the guest list from the partners to secure gender balance.

Check in: 29/05/2022 at 14:00

Check out: 05/06/2022 at 11:00

Participants can arrive two days before or/and depart two days after the end of the project, however they must cover accommodation and meals by their own budget.


In line with the Erasmus+ Programme, travel costs will be refunded according to the distances calculated using the European Commission distance calculator. The participants themselves should cover any extra costs overcoming the budget limits. To ensure the best connection and management of participants, flight tickets should be bought by the participants/sending organization but approved and confirmed by the Social Innovation and Cohesion Institute (do not buy your tickets before consulting with Fifty-Fifty). Travel tickets should be economy class and before buying tickets inform Fifty-Fifty of your travel itinerary, when you will arrive and when you will departure from training. 1 st class or other upper class flight tickets, taxi costs and travel agencies fees are not eligible and will not be refunded.

Reimbursement will be made upon full attendance of the activity, submission of Participants’ Report (this MANDATORY) via the Mobility Tool and upon providing original evidence of participants’ travel:


  1. Travel Itinerary
  2. All original payment receipts of ticket purchasing and Visa where required
  3. All original Bus/Train tickets to/from the airport (use of TAXI or private car will NOT be covered).
  4. Boarding passes (in case of electronic boarding passes, you should keep a screen shot and email them to Fifty-Fifty before flying)
  5. Copy of ID/Passport
  6. Submission of Participants’ Report People who are coming late or leaving early at the Activity will not have their travel costs refunded.

Note that if you buy your tickets in a currency different to EURO, calculation of travel reimbursement will be calculated according to the exchange rates given on the official European Commission website for the month of the ticket purchase. All travel reimbursements will be done to the Partner Organizations’ Bank Accounts and not to each participant’ individually.


Budget for travel reimbursement for Bosnia and Herzegovina per participant is 180€. 



To enter Greece, you need either a negative PCR test, taken up to 72 hours before arrival, or a Rapid test, taken up to 48 hours before arrival or a Certificate of Vaccination / Disease.

To enter Albania, there are no restrictions now, but you are strongly advised to look up for the latest updates before traveling:


The new regulations for Albanian travelers holding a biometric passport means visa-free travel to each country of Schengen area except for Great Britain and for Ireland. Thus visa-free travel is permitted to the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands (Holland), Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden.


To arrive to Korce, Albania, you can use the following airports:



From Thessaloniki, there are buses that operate daily to Tirana (Capital of Albania) and have a stop in Korce. Bus service company is called Crazy Holidays ( and the bus line you can use is titled “Bus line Chalkidiki (Moudania) – Thessaloniki – Tirana). The bus timetable includes two departure times: 8:30 in the morning and 20:30 in the evening. You can find information here:  Bus Boarding Platform Address: Monastiriou 57 str, Tel: +30 2310 500383

To reach the Boarding Platform, you have to take the bus No 01X ( just outside Arrivals. The ticket costs 1.8 EUR and you can either buy it from the kiosk near the bus stop or from the ticket machine inside the bus (please have with you the exact coins as the machine does not take notes or gives change). This bus (No 01X) goes straight to the city with few stops during its route. You have to hop off the bus at the bus stop “NEOS SIDIRODROMIKOS STATHMOS” and then go to the Bus Boarding Platform Address: Monastiriou 57.


IMPORTANT: For those who arrive after 22:00 in the night, the bus number is 01N, again just outside Arrivals (the same bus, just with fewer stops)


Airport 2: TIRANA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT ( The TIRANA INTERNATIONAL Airport is situated in the city of Tirana, which is 163km away from Korce. For those arriving in Tirana, it is possible to arrange transportation by shuttle bus, depending on the arriving time and the number of participants using Tirana Airport.


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