BRAVO in cooperation with CKNS announces call for 2 participants for SEMINAR in Thessaloniki, Greece from 29.09 – 05.10.2018. for B&H citizens and those living in B&H.

Name of project: ”Development of new Inter-religious tools”
Date of Seminar: 29.09.2018 – 05.10.2018.
Organizer: NGO “IUVENTA”
Place:  Thessaloniki, Greece
Participants: 2  (18+)
Working language: English
Deadline for applying:21.08.2018.

Seminar is project under Erasmus+ program what means that seminar is under Erasmus+ rules. Accommodation, food and travel costs (180€ limit) are covered by organizers.


We are all aware of constant raise of cultural and religious diversity in Europe. But we are also witnessing the raising of bigotry towards differences, especially when it comes to religion. As members of NGOs, Youth Workers and Youth Leaders working with youngsters, we try to discuss and tackle this and other topics in a safe environment, while opening young minds using non formal learning methods, workshops from manuals and toolkits. But when dealing with a highly sensitive topic, as interreligious dialogue, especially with young people involved, tools to use for this are very limited.

As Youth Workers, we feel the need to work more on this issue. With joined strengths, and strong will, together with our respective and experienced partners, we want to find creative methods for introducing interreligious dialogue to youngsters, but also a tool for promoting it. Many experienced textbook and methodology manuals writers have argued that games are not just time-filling activities but have a great educational value. Therefore, we come to an idea to create board games, specified for this topic and to be used in Non-formal learning.


– To develop competences of youth workers, leaders and trainers needed for working in intercultural and  inter-religious European societies.

– To share good practices in the field of IRD and ICD and using tools and methods for establishing and maintaining IRD in heterogenic religious communities

– to capacity building of partner organizations for implementing IRD activities in different contexts in order to improve state of pluralism of IRD and promoting diversity concept

– To explore, create and share relevant and effective tools working in a field of IRD as well to provide opportunity to testing these methods in practice

– To develop new Board Games for IRD that will be used to familiarize with other religions and promoting religious understanding and tolerance.

– To create a network of multipliers of new Tools/Board Games related to IRD through Europe

3th Mobility Activity – Seminar

Place: Thessaloniki, Greece

Date: 29 September – 05 October 2018 (29. September is arrival day, 05. October is departure day)

Duration: 5 full working days + 2 travel days

During this Seminar we will sharing experience during local activity, we will work on last adopting of Board games, final desing for printing, Manual with Tools/Board Games.



Participants will be youth workers, youth leaders, trainers and volunteers familiar with IRD concept and from NGOs which want to undertake more concrete activities to work on IRD, to reduce religious discrimination, nationalism and religious hate speech.

One of the criteria is high motivations and human rights orientation of participants,  sensitive to the issue of IRD and with a positive attitude about other religions.


The hotel is situation at Egnatia 19, Thessaloniki 546 30. It is in the heart of the city centre across Valaoritou area (where many bars and clubs are situated) or the Aristotle Square (the central square)

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will cover by the programme according to your needs (vegetarian etc) as shared by you in the application form. Breakfast will be in the hotel. Lunch and dinner will be in a restaurant nearby.

The training will take place in USB new office (Alexandrou Delmouzou 8, Thessaloniki 546 35) which is 15′ on foot. The office unfortunately for now, it is not accessible for people with disabilities.

How to come to the hotel


When you arrive at the airport, go through the exit and you will find the bus stop. Take bus number X1 (it leaves every 20-30′). Step out in the centre at the bus stop KOLOMVOU (ΚΟΛΟΜΒΟΥ in Greek) – there is a bus announcing system. The hotel is 66m behind you as you can see on the same street. If you arrive after 22:00, take the bus number N1 and step off at the same bus stop.

The tickets cost 2 euro (1 euro student ticket) and you can purchase it inside the bus (there is a machine) or at the airport in a kiosk just next to the bus stop.

Bus station

When you arrive at the bus station, you can take buses 8, 12 or 31. You step out at bus stop KOLOMVOU (ΚΟΛΟΜΒΟΥ in Greek) – there is a bus announcing system. The hotel is just accross the street. The tickets cost 1 euro (0,50 euro student ticket) and you can purchase it inside the bus (there is a machine) or at the bus station in a kiosk just next to the bus stop.

Train station

When you arrive at the train station, you can take bus number 8. You step out at bus stop KOLOMVOU (ΚΟΛΟΜΒΟΥ in Greek) – there is a bus announcing system. The hotel is just accross the street. The tickets cost 1 euro (0,50 euro student ticket) and you can purchase it inside the bus (there is a machine) or at the bus station in a kiosk just next to the bus stop.

Travel cost

You will be reimbursed up until the maximum amount allowed per person (see above), from your country to Thessaloniki, Greece. Organizers will reimburse travel costs as listed below on the basis of the cheapest possibilities, e.g. second class railway tickets, APEX-flights etc. by bank transfer after the training course and the receipt of all ORIGINAL tickets, bills, invoices, receipts, boarding tags/cards etc. Following the guide lines of the Erasmus + programme the travel back must be realised by the participants on direct way within maximum 2 days. In case of longer stays or indirect travelling (holiday travel etc.) there is no chance of reimbursement of travel costs. Missing tickets will not be reimbursed. Please, keep the original tickets, boarding pass in order to get money back.


Maximum travel costs for each participant is from home town to Thessaloniki, Greece and back:

Promoter Number of persons Costs per person
Nevladina organizacija “IUVENTA”/Serbia 2+3 180.00
TDM 2000/Italy 2+1 trainer 275.00
Beyond Barriers/Albania 2 180.00
Opcinska organizacija Crveni kriz Novo Sarajevo/Bosnia and Herzegovina 2 180.00
United Societies of Balkans/Greece 2+3 0.00
Föreningen Framtidståget/Sweden 2 360.00
Batman Fen Lisesi Mezunlari Dernegi/Turkey 2 275.00
Intercultura/France 3 360.00
Better Life In Kosova/Kosovo 2 180.00
Be – Education, Equality, Sustainability/Austria 2 275.00



Send your motivation letter written in English up to 500 words (doc form: MS Word) on e-mail: [email protected] with e-mail title as following ”your name, name of the project you are applying for” until 23:59 at21.08.2018. 

Participation FEE: 25€ (only for selected participants)

Deadline for applying: 21.08.2018.
Selection results: up to 25.08.2018.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at: [email protected]

E-mail for applications: [email protected]

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