Only What You Gives is Yours (O'visor) Tuzla Seminar






We bring you new and exciting news! Due to the successful implementation of previous activities, our team is planning and working hard to implement as many as three new O’visor seminars.

The O’visor seminar’s purpose is to bring together a number of non-governmental organization that actively work in crisis situations and through various activites contribute to the society in which we live in.All participants in this seminar will recieve a certificate of participation, which is a nice way to enrich your CV and expand your knowledge! Ovisor (Only What You Give Is Yours) intends to raise awareness of the importance of activism and volunteer work, especially in crisis situations among young people, minorities and disadvantaged citizens.


The first seminar in the row was held in Tuzla, in BIT PARK building on the 27th of August.It was a sucessfully held one, because there were 36 participants and 3 representatives of non-governmental organizations.


At the beginning, Marko Divković talked about BRAVO(Bosnian Representative Association for Valuable Opportunites) and the tasks that are done inside of the organization. He also mentioned volunteer work and how much of that work is done inside of the country, snd explained a little bit more about the whole purpose of the NGO organizations.


First representative was Abdurahman Aljić, who represented Red Cross TK.He talked about the whole principle of the Red Cross organization.The main topic of his presentation was about natural disaster that struck BiH in 2014. He showed how they helped, how many people they encouraged to volunteer and talked about utensils which they shared to those in need.


The second one was Danijela Huremović and she talked about her organization – Vive Žene. Her speech included the activties that they do, women needs and how to help when a person is going through family abuse. She mentioned their Safe House, who works there, how they work and how they take care of families that come to the Safe House.


And the last one but not the least one – Vedran Selimović with his organization Red Cross of the city of Tuzla. He had a presentation about first aid – participants had a chance to see how to help when someone finds themselves in a situation where help is needed. He went into details and helped our participants understand a little bit more about the process of first aid.


The seminar was closed with Suad Murselović who answered all of the participant’s interesting questions!

The next seminar will be held in Zenica, on the 29th of August at 18:00, and the last one to close the circle will be held in Sarajevo, on the 31st of August at 18:00.


If you didn’t get the chance, sign up for one of these 2 because we guarantee you – there are many benefits!

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