Only What You Gives is Yours (O'visor) Sarajevo Seminar





The third and final O’VISOR seminar was held on 31st of August in Sarajevo. Our team has been working hardly to produce high quality content and organization of the seminars which have the main goal of raising awareness about the benefits and importance of volunteering.

Numerous young people with a diverse and lengthy experience in many fields of volunteerism were keen to expand their views and knowledge regarding volunteering and responding in crisis situations. We hosted five different organizations which specialize in different fields of work while emphasizing the importance of collaboration for the purpose of improving the society and helping the community.


Una Alispahić, the seminar moderator gave a wonderful speech and a brief introduction to the O’VISOR project itself while making sure the atmosphere was at top notch level.


Sanja Handžar from “” provided the opening remarks and presented the importance of helping those in need and providing them with necessary help as well the role has in our country regarding humanitarian assistance.


Alema Hodžić talked about the opportunities “MFS EMMAUS” is providing to the youth in BiH especially in Srebrenica region. Alema highlighted the unique aspect of “MFS EMMAUS” which are volunteer camps organized across the country and designed to provide variety of help to those who urgently need it.


Representing the NGO “Ruku na srce, Elma Adnalić emphasized the projects which they implement as they are aimed at helping those with a low socio-economic standard through various donations and volunteer service. They made a lot of families happy and their lives a bit easier thanks to their volunteers and hard work they invested.

Society of Red Cross/Red crescent of BiH has made tremendous impact over the course of last few years on many people here in our country during many crisis situations which changed many lives but also to people who are here in transit and need a variety of assistance in many things.


Last speaker is a highly energetic person, an inspector representing the Federal department of police, Adis Muhibić who besides his primary work, volunteered with a group of citizens in Konjic during the COVID-19 pandemic, reminded us of how important it is to support each other during crisis times.


We successfully closed off this series of seminars and concluded that we have achieved great results!


More is yet to come as the O’VISOR project is coming to an end, stay tuned!

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