On February 27th under the project Sharing Design Your Job, a workshop was held on Zoom. The topic of the workshop was „basic graphic design“. Our hosts were three participants that attended the training course in Berane, Montenegro in August 2022. They were able to gain basic skills in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and similar. 20 participants with different backgrounds and skills attended and got familiar with graphic design.


The workshop began with an introduction by the organizers and continued with the words of participants of the training course, who shared their passion for graphic design and their journey of attending the training course. They then proceeded to explain the basics of graphic design, including the use of color, typography, and composition.

The girls then went on to showcase some of their previous work, which ranged from logo designs to digital illustrations. The participants were encouraged to ask questions and provide feedback, which led to a lively and engaging discussion. This was a great opportunity for all who attended as they were able to as well get familiar with the concept of the Erasmus+.


After the presentation, the participants were given a brief on a design challenge. They were tasked with creating a logo for a fictional company using the principles they had learned in the workshop. The organizers provided guidance and feedback as the participants worked on their designs.

Overall, the workshop, continuation of the training course, held on February 27th was a success. The three young girls who led the event were able to share their passion and knowledge of graphic design with a group of enthusiastic participants. The participants left the workshop with a better understanding of graphic design principles and the tools they need to create compelling designs.  

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