In a world where borders often divide us, the European Solidarity Corps program continues to stand as a symbol of unity and cooperation. Recently, four enthusiastic volunteers from Türkiye made their way to us – Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina as part of this remarkable initiative. Among these young change-makers, there are three vibrant young women, and one determined young man. Their arrival exemplifies the power and significance of volunteering in fostering cross-cultural connections, promoting empathy, and effecting positive change. Their stay will be 2 months long and they will be volunteering at “Centar za zdravo starenje” and our BRAVO office to work on projects.


Volunteering transcends geographic boundaries, and our four volunteers are a testament to that. They left behind their comfort zones in Türkiye to engage in meaningful work here in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the common goal of making the world a better place. Our young volunteers are not just tourists passing through; they are active participants in our community’s development.

One crucial aspect of volunteering is the cultural exchange that occurs. As they immerse themselves in the local culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina, they will become part of the tapestry of this unique community. Through their interactions, they will share their own Turkish culture and, in turn, learn about the rich history, traditions, and values of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This cultural exchange is invaluable in promoting understanding and unity among different communities.


The arrival of these four volunteers from Türkiye to Bosnia and Herzegovina through the European Solidarity Corps program is a reminder of the transformative power of volunteering. Regardless of nationality or gender, volunteering has the remarkable ability to bridge divides, promote cultural exchange, and inspire positive change. These young individuals serve as ambassadors of goodwill, proving that when we come together to make a difference, we can create a world that is more compassionate, understanding, and united. Follow us to see who these four amazing young people are!

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