Did you know that just in 2021 we had 120 international partners with whom we applied for 200 projects, prepared 132 projects, and send 500 people across the world? To the reader, you are probably taking these numbers just as some random numbers on the screen. However, every number has a story.  Keep reading and find out more.

For those who are not fully familiar with our mission here is a brief introduction. We are an organization that is guided by key principles: tolerance, democracy, diversity, voluntariness, and openness. Who are we? We are people just like you. You, who are trying to make difference by doing hard work. Do you know what is the most amazing thing? The fact that we have projects and impact in many fields such as youth empowerment, education, and training, health, environment, non-formal education, arts and culture, sports recreation.

Do you know the quote “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”? Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain, Slovenia, Germany, Turkey, Netherland, France, Poland are some of the countries which young people from our country visited through projects on which we worked. They had an opportunity to write some unforgettable pages in their books. Traveling, exploring new countries, cultures, representing Bosnia and Herzegovina, making new friends, working on projects and their implementation are things that you could experience by participating in one project.


Now after we got your full attention, we want you to read carefully the next sentences. Drum roll, please. This year we have 6 more approved Capacity Building Projects. Yes, we are excited as you are. Can you believe what this even means? These projects will be a big change for capacity building in our beloved Bosnia and Herzegovina through various topics. This also means 6 times more opportunities for you. Follow our posts, catch an opportunity and make new memories. We do not want to show up but this is only the start because we are preparing a lot of things for everyone

 Words are not enough to express how much are we proud of our project managers, the whole team, and of course of you all. We are thankful for all your interest and work. Our strength is coming from your wish to do some good things. All united we are working on creating ideas, implementing them, and trying our best to meet the highest expectations. Our team is working hard to bring a better future and with your help, we are doing so great so far. Together we can make the world wonder.


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