In a world where the role of media has been so great that the term ‘mediacracy’ (the rule of media) has been frequently used to describe it, the need for media and news literacy and media activism of young people and youth NGOs is apparent. The media are not simple transmitters, but crucial creators of messages and have a pivotal role in creating and swaying public opinion. Their role in democratization is of particular importance; since they are free and critical, they also contribute to the overall democratic atmosphere and accountability in a society. Thus, in order to participate in contemporary democratic society, citizens need to possess critical thinking skills and self-expression. That’s exactly where our new CBY project “MediActive Youth” comes in!


The first project meeting was held on the 4th of March via the Zoom platform and it gathered representatives from CDER, CID, HERMES, BBA, and PRIMA.

The meeting served as a platform for partners to discuss the details regarding future project activities and the ways to successfully deliver it. The partners discussed the upcoming Training of Trainers which is scheduled to take place in Belgrade, Serbia by the end of May. They also talked about the kick-off meeting, which will be held on April 15th in the city of Sarajevo. One thing is for sure and that is that the project will have numerous activities which will provide young people with the opportunities to learn about media and news literacy while also enhancing their critical thinking abilities.

The meeting presented an opportunity for partners to exchange ideas and opinions. Thus, the meeting was successfully conducted and partners are ready to slowly start with the execution of project tasks. Believe us when we say – the best of the project is about to come and you don’t want to miss out on the opportunities that will leave a significant impact on you!


The Project aims to build a media-literate society and to better inform young people and wide public about the key issues and problems of youth policy worldwide. A particularly important aspect of this Project is its focus on the Balkans, more precisely the Western Balkans and Croatia, which has been the most turbulent part of Europe in the previous decades. Almost three decades after the end of wars in the Former Yugoslavia, ethnic animosity and hostility are still widespread in the region, especially among young people. Numerous examples of xenophobia, intolerance, and hate speech can be seen in sports matches, nationalist websites, certain media, public life and politics. Media freedoms in these countries are low, and many media– too often even the official, public ones with national frequencies – spur animosity towards the neighboring countries and nations. In addition, an overtly skeptical and even negative sentiment towards the EU has been increasingly spread through the official media and politicians, resulting in a drop in popular support for the EU membership in the Western Balkans, especially in Serbia. Thereby, in the Balkan context, the Project project has a specific goal of strengthening the dialogue and post-conflict reconciliation and promoting the EU and common EU values.


It aims to elevate the level of media and news literacy among young individuals and youth NGOs. Additionally, it seeks to enhance the visibility of youth policy within the media landscape. Moreover, the initiative aims to expand the MEDIActive youth program to include Balkan countries. The project aims to develop news literacy and critical thinking skills among young journalists and citizens. Lastly, the Project seeks to establish cooperative relationships and networks among youth NGOs in the Balkan region.

More about BRAVO you can see on our video below: 
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