This past week BRAVO had the pleasure to welcome two new volunteers that will be staying in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina for the next 10 months. They will be volunteering through the H.A.N.D. project of ESC Humanitarian Aid. With our great pleasure we want to introduce you to Elber and Adnan!


Meet Elber from Turkiye


Elber is 19 years old. He is from Müş, Türkiye. He will be in the Project “HAND” in Bravo for 10 months. Currently, he’s pursuing a degree in English language teaching. He absolutely loves exploring new places, going on thrilling hikes, and taking leisurely walks. In the past, he used to be quite a badminton player, but these days, his main focus is on meeting awesome individuals like himself and expanding his horizons by gaining insights from their unique perspectives. The only teeny-tiny downside is that he sometimes forgets to consider the future. Elber hopes to have a good time and learn many things about Bosnia and Bosnian people.

Meet Adnan from everywhere


Adnan is a social worker who studied in Finland. Originally from Lebanon, he was born on the Ivory Coast. He lived most of my life moving from one place to another. It turns out Sarajevo, a city rich with history and multiculturalism, is the next one! 

On a personal level, volunteering empowers Adnan and gives him new perspectives and self-awareness. A few times volunteer, he thought a long-term volunteer in humanitarian aid would allow him to share and develop his experience.

As a volunteer of the European Solidarity Corps and the HAND project he will be volunteering in the temporary center of Sarajevo.

We cannot wait to see where this adventure leads us all so stay tuned!

More about H.A.N.D

Humanitarian Aid for the Needs of Development – HAND” is an ESC Humanitarian Aid project which will take place in Uganda, India and Bosnia Herzegovina with the Irish and Turkish volunteers over 24 months. There will be a total of 36 volunteers deployed to assist with the education, healing and repairing, development and strengthening of local communities through their motivated, active and fully-equipped participation in our project’s activities.

The project has the following general objectives:


– Aim to bring about more equity within our target communities

– Reduce the societal challenges that the communities face

– Help to reinforce and strengthen vulnerable individuals

– Bring the sense of solidarity to the communities that need aid

– Establish intercontinental partnerships

– Share knowledge, skills, behaviours/attitudes between the volunteers and communities

– Exchange of good practices while working at international and EU level

– Support green practices in the communities

– Establish intercultural learning

– Reinforce participants with the knowledge of the 8 Key Competencies of Youthpass

– Provide non-formal and informal learning environment for the participants as well as the target groups

– Enhance the employability of the participants particular focus on those with fewer opportunities

– Establish the principles of the Sustainable Development Goals within the communities


The project will utilise all the online and offline channels to disseminate the impact of our activities to the world. There will be short movies which will describe the activities for each of the locations. The volunteers will do their best to make positive impact and change in the communities which have expressed a desire for humanitarian assistance. Through this well designed collaboration of supporting and hosting organisations, our 36 volunteers in the HAND project will be part of this transformation process project as the first generation of the ESC Humanitarian Aid Program.


More about BRAVO you can see on our video below: 
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