This YE is focused on fostering the development of basic and traversal skills, such as soft skills and multilingualism using innovative methods and two universal languages: Folk Music and Traditional Dance as tools of social inclusion.


They can empower them and develop their entrepreneurial attitudes, leadership and initiative skills as well as their ability of self-expression. Acquiring these, they would be able to more easily relate to the others, and take a more active part in the life of their communities as well as in international activities. The overall aim of the project is to make participants aware of their culture and ancient roots through discovering similarities and sharing common problems and opportunities as well as human heritage

Project objectives:

  • to empower youth using dance and music as tools of social inclusion;
  • to enhance active citizenship, both on community and on the international level;
  • to promote volunteering, international opportunities and European cooperation;
  • to develop skills and attitudes of pro-activeness and critical thinking.
  • to promote the culture that is being forgotten
  • to raise cultural awareness among the participants.

Culture & Rhythms will end with a celebratory open-air workshop in different locations. One of the flash mob events will be video recorded and shared on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram), partner organization webpages, sent to participants and partner networks. The project objectives are in perfect harmony with the No Hate Speech Movement enhancing solidarity, community, and fostering social inclusion to stand up against prejudices, discrimination and exclusion. From another standpoint, since the roots of participating countries are the same and in the present, they both have to face a high level of youth unemployment this project can help unemployed and marginalized youngsters to be involved in social progress, in the activities of their smaller or wider communities and later on consider the field youth work as their professional occupation. Furthermore, both YE activities link to the general priorities of Erasmus Plus and KA1 – reaching out to marginalized young people, promoting diversity, intercultural dialogue, common values of freedom, tolerance and respect of human rights as well as enhancing critical thinking and sense of initiative of young people By organizing this international youth exchange we want to enter in a process of entering in a process of.

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