The DIGI-AGE Game Development & Coding Academy, a trailblazer in the realm of game development education, recently organized a significant event – a Transnational Project Meeting (TPM) in Turkey. This meeting was a confluence of minds and ideas, with representatives from the project’s international partners coming together to discuss and shape the future trajectory of the DIGI-AGE initiative.


Held in the technology hub of Bilisim Vadisi, this pivotal event served as a platform to take stock of the progress made in the project and plan for the journey ahead. The meeting showcased the power of global collaboration and its potential to redefine the contours of the digital gaming industry.


Representatives from Norway, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lithuania, and Turkey were in attendance, each bringing their unique expertise and perspective to the table. The purpose of this meeting was twofold – to retrospectively evaluate the accomplishments of the project and to strategize for future endeavors.

The Norwegian delegates, known for their forward-thinking approaches to education and technology, shared insights on the integration of these two critical elements in the project. Their expertise in this domain has been instrumental in shaping the project’s robust learning environment.


Representatives from Bosnia and Herzegovina offered valuable lessons from their experiences in cultivating thriving tech ecosystems amidst adversity. Their resilience and strategic insights have infused the project with a sense of robust tenacity, strengthening its ability to navigate any potential challenges ahead.


The Lithuanian partners, hailing from one of Europe’s fastest-growing tech hubs, shared their experiences and strategies for nurturing and expanding digital enterprises. Their inputs were instrumental in the discussion of growth strategies for the project and the holistic development of the DIGI-AGE initiative.


The Turkish partners, including representatives from TRT and Sendir and the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Industry and Technology, reported on the progress made at the grassroots level. Their presentations emphasized the local ecosystem’s commitment to the DIGI-AGE project and its vision of transforming Turkey into a significant player in the global gaming industry.

The Enocta-provided LMS system, a cornerstone of the project’s continuous learning philosophy, was also evaluated during the meeting. Representatives discussed its impact and the future strategies for maximizing its potential in fostering an environment of ongoing development and innovation.


The meeting was a blend of retrospection and forward-thinking, creating an atmosphere of both reflection and excitement. The achievements of the project so far were appreciated, and the future plans were discussed with great enthusiasm. The blueprint for the next phase of the project was drawn, and roles and responsibilities were delineated with a renewed sense of commitment.


The Transnational Project Meeting marked a crucial point in the project’s timeline. It affirmed the power of international collaboration and demonstrated the potential that the DIGI-AGE initiative holds. As the project advances to its next phase, one thing remains certain – it is poised to redefine the future of digital gaming, both in Turkey and globally. As we say in the gaming world, let the games truly begin!

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