In the past two months Bosnian Representative Association for Valuable Opportunities was successful in realizing multiple amateur competitions in bocce, across Bosnia and Herzegovina. After completing local contests and selection of winners – it’s time for national competition in Sarajevo!
“Bocce for everyone” is an Erasmus plus Sport project supported and promoted by the European Commission.
The main goal is sports and social encouragement of people from different environments, through participation in this sport. Partner countries, also implementing this project and organizing competitions are: Croatia, Romania and Turkey – which is as well the host of the international finale. In the past two months citizens of: Maglaj, Teslić, Tuzla and Sarajevo had a chance to be a part of local contests, in two age groups: seniors above 45 years of age and children aged 11 to 14. The most successful three from each of the mentioned competitions qualified for National amateur bocce competition” whose host will be Sarajevo on 29th of May 2021.
The best part of this story is yet to come, for all those who qualify for the International amateur competition in Antalya. Three best ones from every category will have a chance to travel to Turkey for free as a part of international competition. And there once again try out
their skills, while enjoying the positive atmosphere events like this bring. And besides the mentioned paid trip to Turkey, winners await well earned medals and appropriate monetary prizes.
With this competition we want to raise awareness about “not so popular” sports, which had once gathered large numbers of people, while activating and encouraging our seniors and kids through fun and socialization.
Huge thank You to all those who have so far been part and supported this project, and we are inviting You to once again enjoy sport with us. See You on 29th. May 2021. in Sarajevo.
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