The World Ethnosport Confederation – Istanbul, Turkiye


The World Ethnosport Confederation is an international institution that acts to increase the recognition and popularity of traditional sports and games. It was established in 2015 with its headquarters in Istanbul. The organization supports traditional games and sports passed down from generation to generation in order to preserve, practice, and ensure their sustainability, aiming to make these activities more permanent and systematically organized. Among the Confederation’s priorities is to gather traditional sports from around the world under one institutional roof, promote unity among member federations, and expand and develop the concept of Ethnosport. Additionally, organizing all kinds of sporting, social, and cultural activities in the field of Etnosport, as well as collaborating with other institutions working in this direction, are also among the main goals of the Confederation.

The World Ethnosport Confederation aims to repopularize traditional sports and related cultures denoted by the word “Ethnosport”. Their goal is to convey the richness of values that have emerged through the life experiences of societies and communities throughout history, which have evolved over time into their ideal form, to future generations. Ethnosports seek to convey many aspects of the past such as hunting techniques, warfare techniques, valor, dress, food culture, and many others through sports and cultural activities to future generations.


The aim of the Confederation is to encourage economic and trade collaborations in the field of Ethnosport and culture as an essential step in reviving cultural and national heritage. The objective is also to leverage knowledge, experience, and mutual technologies from Turkey and around the world to assist people with diverse identities in preserving their cultural uniqueness, supporting, and promoting the development of the Ethnosport concept. Besides, organizing all kinds of sporting, social, and cultural activities in the field of Etnosport, as well as collaborating with other organizations working in this direction, are also among the Confederation’s main priorities.

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The Confederation aims to support physically healthy and talented athletes and to spiritually equip them with moral virtues. It also strives to contribute to the education of athletes in material, spiritual, cultural, social, and sporting senses; and to work on fostering respect for society and national values, valuing friendship, and developing intelligent, agile, educated athletes and individuals. The Confederation aims to cultivate and strengthen national and international friendships within the Ethnosport culture and ensures that each country is fairly represented on the world stage. Supporting the preservation and development of ethnic sports and cultures inherited from different civilizations is also among the Confederation’s priorities.

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