After successfully implementing the kick-off meeting and two LTT activities as part of the project ”Development of Digital Platforms and Applications for the Revival of Traditional Sports and Games”, partners gathered in Granada, Spain to implement the third LTT. From 1st till 5th of October LTT3 was held. The goal of this LTT, like the one before it, was to establish a digital platform. This included gathering best practices, and creating resources for digital information, and digitalization. It also included defining the differences between digital education and information. As part of this project, the partners also prepared the resources for developing the application and providing activities and quizzes.

The partners of this project are coming from various fields and they are working hard to create a digital event on the international level.

During and upon completion of the project, the following will occur:
  • Revival of Traditional Sports and Games International Forum (1 time)
  • International Culture and Sports Festival will be organized in the field of Traditional Sports and Games with an environmentalist, innovative and technological quality. Calculating carbon footprint and creating environmental awareness by using innovative, digital and environmental practices (with the help of digital, technological tools) at the festival (1 time)
  • International mobility activities promoting learning opportunities in the fields of creative and cultural heritage for artists, athletes and creative individuals in the fields of formal/non-formal education and youth work
  • Promotion and dissemination studies
  • Activities to develop talents and increase entrepreneurship in the cultural and creative fields; illustration, photography and creative writing competitions attended by individuals of all ages
  • Release of a special album containing material from the activities (photos, drawings, creative writing experiments, etc.)

Since it is preserving old sports and games from extinction, this project actually brings something unique to the table. Being a part of this effort, which spreads a good message to a wider audience, makes us very happy. After completing the LTT3, we are eagerly anticipating the upcoming tasks that will allow us to finish this project’s third phase.


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