As part of the project ‘’ Development of Digital Platforms and Applications for the Revival of Traditional Sports and Games’’, the second LTT was implemented in Antalya, Turkiye with the support of the Turkish National Agency. The second LTT shifted the main focus to the creation of digital platforms, the gathering of best practices, the creation of digital informational materials, digitalization, and the differences between digital education and information.

Research, discovery, resurrection, and distribution of traditional sports and games that are on the verge of extinction in Europe and around the world will be aided by inventories of printed and electronic intellectual outputs, books and booklets, and novel approaches and teaching techniques. The mobile application/game open to content development will include intellectual outputs and features like a live map (heat map) showing where traditional sports and games are played in the world and the details of organizations working in this field in order to teach sports and games in the digital environment.

The following project output/idea outputs are expected to occur during and upon completion of the project.

All outputs and intellectual outputs of the project will be integrated into the digital platform.

Other outputs of the project are:

  • A web-based digital platform
  • “Traditional Sports and Games on Europe (TSG) Inventory
  • Research and recording of oral stories about TSG
  • TSG video promotion films
  • An “Online Map of Traditional Sports and Games”
  • The “Digital Mentor/Expert/Trainer” module
  • The Toolkit for the Revival of Traditional Sports and Games
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  • All of the aforementioned results will gradually improve our society and increase public awareness of the importance of preserving traditional sports and games. Through this initiative, we hope to spread the idea that traditional sports and activities are something we should never abandon because they play a significant role in our history and culture.

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