Learning Teaching Training - LTT1, Istanbul, Turkiye

After successfully implementing kick-off meeting of the project ” Development of Digital Platforms and Applications for the Revival of Traditional Sports and Games”, next on the row were Learning training teaching activities. The first LTTT was held in Istanbul, Turkiye. On this mobility, partners talked about social advertising aimed at intercultural dialogue promotion.


The aim of this project is to create a digital event-themed “Revival of Traditional Sports and Games” platform and raise awareness of traditional sports and games in Europe. This platform will be free and open to everyone at the international level.


Inventory work with content such as printed/electronic intellectual outputs, books/booklets, innovative methods and techniques on teaching traditional sports and games that will contribute to the research, discovery, revival and dissemination of traditional sports and games that are about to be forgotten in Europe and the world, In order to teach sports and games in the digital environment, the mobile application/game open to content development will contain intellectual outputs and features such as a live map (heat map) showing where traditional sports and games are played in the world and the information of organizations working in this field

All outputs and intellectual outputs of the project will be integrated into the digital platform. Outputs that are expected to occur during and upon completion of the project are next:
  • A web-based Digital Platform/Portal will be created for the revival of Traditional Sports and Games (TSG)
  • As a result of the cooperation and research of the project partners, “Traditional Sports and Games on Europe (TSG) Inventory will be prepared.
  • Research and recording of oral stories about TSG will take place in the project partner countries
  • Educational Mobile Game/Application will be developed for teaching TSGs in digital environment (Android and iOS platforms)
  • TSG video promotion films (animation and cartoons)
  • An “Online Map of Traditional Sports and Games” will be developed, which displays information about events, festivals, competitions, projects, collaborations and project announcements, institutions and organizations with the theme of instant or planned traditional sports and games around the world. Thus, organizations working in this field will be able to communicate with each other, and new cooperation and project development opportunities will be provided. It will contribute to the sustainability and dissemination of the project.
  • The “Digital Mentor/Expert/Trainer” module with the theme of Traditional Sports and Games (TSG) will be developed, and a digital mechanism will be created where everyone involved in TSGs will be able to match mentors and receive support.
  • The Toolkit for the Revival of Traditional Sports and Games will be developed. This toolkit will contain the following topics:
  • Execution of TSG, Considering it as a Career Form and Developing an Incentive System
  • Supporting Youth in Revival and Sustainability of TSG and Increasing their Skills
  • Development of Professional Athletes, Trainers, Skills and Competencies for TSG
  • Cooperation with Universities, Ministries and Federations: Determining the main elements of TSG, establishing application and evaluation standards, and establishing professional license rules and regulations
  • Inclusion of TSGs in Programs as an Academic Discipline
  • Initiatives to Integrate TSG into Physical Education from an Early Age in School Curriculums
Since this project requires a lot of work, strong partners make it easier. This LTT was quite significant and helped a lot with the implementation of future project tasks.
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