As we already mentioned we will bring more workshops regarding IT skills. So here we are, another workshop was held under the project “Sharing Design Your Job” by Bosnian participants of the training course “Basic UX Design”. We are sure that you got familiar with the aim of the previously mentioned project, but just in case you are new here, we will give you some insight into the project. “Sharing Design Your Job” is a project co-funded by the European Union, which is a continuation of the “Design Your Job” (DYJ) initiative under which 4 projects are developed. The focus is on developing and testing ICT education programs and approaches suitable for systematic pre-skilling and re-skilling of unemployed or marginalized young people

Participants that took part in one of the training courses under this project, shared gained knowledge and skills with interested attendees. This time we had workshops in two towns, Tuzla and Sarajevo. On April 15th Maid Dizdarević held a workshop in the Centre for Culture, Tuzla, and on the other side, Azra Mehdin, Nejra Šabanović, and Nejra Šečerbegović held a workshop in Second Gymnasium Sarajevo on the April 14th. The main focus of the workshops was on UX Design. Based on that participants were able to learn more about User Experience in terms, User Research, Design Thinking, Prototyping, and similar.  Our participants first shared their personal experiences about the training course, Erasmus + initiative in general, etc. What was especially great for Maid, Azra, Nejra, and Nejra is the fact that they could improve their soft skills such as public speaking, communication, adaptability, and similar. They will continue the implementation of these types of workshops, as well as their journey related to UX Design.

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