From the 23rd to 25th of July our director, Mr. Ismail Šehić was at the Kick Off meeting with the rest of the partners from Portugal, Turkey and Lithuania to kick start the new common project- Tools4Youth.

What better way to end this month and its last weekend than to spend it in beautiful Montijo in Portugal writing a new chapter in BRAVO history book and bringing you something exciting and new!


From the 23rd to 25th of July our director, Mr. Ismail Šehić was at the Kick Off meeting with the rest of the partners from Portugal, Turkey and Lithuania to kick start the new common project- Tools4Youth.


Youth from multiple countries will have the opportunity to develop their skills to be able to recognize fake news and not trust-worthy resources, enhance media literacy skills, develop innovative ideas and improve problem solving skills while the project activities will promote EU funding project to the wider community. All of these objectives will be achieved by involving  participants through interactive and innovative workshops, webinars, seminars and meetings.

As we all know, Coronavirus disease (COVID -19) is the first pandemic in history to use technology and social media on a large scale to keep people safe, informed, productive, and connected. At the same time, the technology we rely on to stay connected and informed is enabling and amplifying an infodemic that continues to undermine the global response and compromise pandemic control measures. Misinformations are simply everywhere and it is sometimes hard to recognize the true ones out of the huge pile of comments and content that has been shared online.


The digital age has made it easy for anyone to create media. We don’t always know who created something, why they made it, and whether it’s credible. As we are fully aware that the media literacy is tricky to learn and to teach, nonetheless, is an essential skill in the digital age. But we do we want to achieve by implementing the project? Our most related priority is to promote media literacy and to raise awareness about the false information that is present on a daily basis around the world. We believe that working with youth and youth workers we will take great attention to this issue to the wider community, as we need to make awareness of this global issue!

The main objectives of this project are:

• to increase awareness on what news are fake, which resources are not trustworthy
• to create a common consciousness to change the societies habits on believing in everything they hear or read
• to promote EU funding projects to wider community.
• to raise awareness to youth education and its deep effects at local, national and international level.
• to enhance media literacy skills of youth
• to improve design thinking, creativity, adaptability, resilience, and even empathy.
• to develop communication, team-work, digital literacy, analyzing, research skills.
• to create innovative ideas, questioning and problem-solving skills.
• to reach 2000 people with our project and make awareness to wider community.
• to hand in our production result e toolkit – comic strip to 1000 people.
• to reach 100 people with Multiplier Event at local and national level,
• to reach 1000 person with our project website, social media, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Erasmus Project Results Platform, EPALE, partners’ official website, visual and printed media, stands.
• to reach 1000 people with our workshops, symposia, online webinars, meetings, seminars, peer-to-peer activities

Partners agreed on the future activities that will going to be part of this new fantastic project: 4 transnational project activities, 2 LLTs, 4-6 peer-to-peer local activities and multiplier event in beautiful Lithuania!


During the Kick off meeting in which has been had in Portugal during the past few days partners agreed on the important dates of the project during the next two years, as well as discussed on below mentioned tasks.


The participants had to share the profile and experience of their respective organizations so that they get to know each other, especially if they are partners who are new to the field. We have all shared the results of the preparatory activities, have defined the detailed plan for the project activities (including training, local activities and the development of results).
We have also defined the tools for dissemination and community building around the project at local, regional and European levels, and the efforts required by all partners who will already identify their audience for such dissemination in their context which has been presented during the meeting and have share with others the resources, opportunities and constraints that each partner has for implementing local activities.


All presented partners have also received general guidelines for the branding of the project and the need for homogeneity of the products and were aware of the evaluation process of the project management and learning process and how partners will be involved in this effort. Everyone received instructions on financial and administrative rules and procedures for record keeping, record retention and final reporting.


Our director, Mr. Ismail Šehić has represented Bosnia and Herzegovina and our beloved BRAVO during this meeting in Portugal and we could not wait to share with you soon the new opportunities with you!


Opportunities to grow, to learn, to travel, to meet new people and prosper in every single way.


Stay tuned and follow our social media profiles regularly to keep yourself updated!

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