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📢Let us start this February and this 2020 with a great sports project “EU on the MOVE” that will take part from 01.01.2020. – 31.12.2021.

📯We are super happy to say that we will be able to provide an opportunity for several trainers from Bosnia and Herzegovina to take part in training sessions, round tables and creation of ‘EU on the MOVE’ guidebook.

💪Today was the first day of Kick-off meeting of the project “EU on the MOVE” applied by Rijeka Sport Association with partners coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Portugal, Turkey, Italy, Slovenia and Romania.

✔️Main focus and aim of the “EU on the MOVE” project is:
➡️ To include children in sports with the help of professional trainers and athletes
➡️ To bring sports to schools
➡️ To engage school children in the age of 7-11
➡️ To provide professional sport education to PA teachers
➡️ To combine sports with nutrition, health and ecology



One of the specific objectives pursued by the Erasmus+ Programme in the field of sport is to raise the awareness of the importance of health – enhancing physical activity, thro ugh increased participation in .

With EU on the Move project, we want to address this topic because physical inactivity became not only European, but a global public health problem and because beyond health, increasing participation in physical activity has multiple mental, social, economic and environmental benefits, especially in young age.

The main aim of the EU on the Move project is to increase awareness of the importance of physical activity among children aged 7-11 (elementary school students) by additionaly educating sport proffesionals (trainers, kinesiologists) and by implementing sport activities for children in schools/sport clubs/organizations in each partner country.

Main objectives of EU on the Move project are:

 raise the awareness of the importance of physical activity among children;  increase physical activity levels in children;  increase the proportion of children that participate in after-school sport activities;  additionaly educate sport proffesionals (trainers/kinesiologists) who work with children;  combine sport with culture/ecology/nutrition and educate children on the other values through sport.

According to Annex I of the European Union Work Plan for Sport (2014 – 2017) , one of the key topics Member States are invited to work on is Health-enhancing physical activity. The main idea is to encourage physical education in schools, including motor skills in early childhood, and to create valuable interactions with the sport sector, local authorities and the private sector, which is entirely in line with the objectives of the EU on the move project.

According to the Communication on Developing the European Dimension in Sport , time spent on sport and physical activity in education could be improved at low cost both outside and inside the school curriculum. The quality of physical education programmes and the qualifications of teachers involved remain a concern in a number of Member States. Cooperation between sport organisations and educational institutes is beneficial for both sectors. Furthermore, physical activity is one of the most important health determinants in modern society and can make a major contribution to the reduction of overweight and obesity and the prevention of a number of serious diseases. Sport constitutes a fundamental part of any public policy approach aiming at improving physical activity. There are large differences in physical activity levels and public approaches between Member States and the concept of health-enhancing physical activity (HEPA), covering a variety of sectors as diverse as sport, health, education, transport, urban planning, public safety and working environment, poses considerable challenges. Physical activity could be further encouraged in national educational systems from an early age. Transnational exchange of good practice to support the design and implementation of national physical activity guidelines has high EU added value and should be further developed. All of this is entirely in line with the objectives of the EU on the move project.

According to White Paper on Sport , sport generates important values such as team spirit, solidarity, tolerance and fair play, contributing to personal development and fulfilment, which is also one of the idea of EU on the move initiative. We want to educate children on this values through sport activities implementation. Furthermore, the potential of the sport movement to foster health-enhancing physical activity often remains under-utilised and needs to be developed, which is also one of the main ideas of EU on the move project. The White Paper on S port noted that sport organisations are encouraged to take into account their potential for health-enhancing physical activity and to undertake activities for this purpose. Rijeka Sport’s Association (the Project Coordinator) recognized the need for health-enhancing physical activities and will undertake EU on the move initiative together with all partner organizations.

Benefits for both sport proffesionals and children will be achieved trough implementing this project. The EU on the Move will address the following needs and benefits:

 the need to increase physical activity levels in children;
 the need for the cooperation between sport organisations and educational institutions;
 the need for additional education of sport proffesionals;
 the benefits of learning important values such as team spirit, solidarity, tolerance and fair play;
 the benefits of personal development and fulfilment;
 the benefits of improved health;
 economic and social benefits, etc.

We can conclude that more efforts need to be made to make people aware of the benefits of healthenhancing physical activities, especially in young age. The EU on the move will increase physical activity levels in children and additionaly educate sport proffesionals (trainers/kinesiologists) who work with children and it will raise the awareness on the importance of practicing sport and physical activities in general.

The EU on the move will employ a new approach and involve all relevant stakeholders desiring to create best practices at the EU level.