From 8th to 10th August 2022, we have organized a KICK-OFF MEETING for Digi Age project in Turkiye.

The burgeoning world of gaming technology was met with a trailblazing initiative recently as the innovative DIGI-AGE Game Development & Coding Academy kickstarted its ambitious project aimed at nurturing the digital gaming landscape in Turkey and beyond. This significant milestone was marked by a collaborative meet that saw project partners from Norway, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lithuania, and Turkey coming together to discuss plans and chart the course for future activities.

The opening event took place in Bilisim Vadisi, Turkey, an apt setting given its reputation as a hotbed of technological innovation and creativity. Here, the eclectic mix of international partners outlined their vision, each contributing their unique expertise to the blueprint of the project.


Envisioned as an empowering platform, DIGI-AGE aims to equip youth and professionals with game development skills, riding the wave of the booming interest in digital content, especially gaming. Its initiatives include Mobile Game and Scenario Development Camps, comprehensive educational toolkits, and the establishment of a sustainable game studio in collaboration with BAU.


The international project partners each play a pivotal role in making the vision of DIGI-AGE a reality. The event gave these stakeholders an opportunity to understand the landscape, discuss their roles, and most importantly, to synergize their contributions.

The Norwegian delegation, known for their innovation-driven education system, shared their perspectives on integrating technology into learning, thereby enriching the teaching methodology of the DIGI-AGE project. Their expertise promises to ensure a robust learning environment, marrying theoretical knowledge with practical skills.


The partners from Bosnia and Herzegovina, renowned for fostering thriving tech ecosystems in the face of adversity, brought to the table their strategies on overcoming challenges and driving growth. Their contribution is expected to bring resilience and tenacity to the project, inspiring the participants to thrive irrespective of the circumstances.

Lithuania, one of the fastest-growing tech hubs in Europe, was represented by a delegation that carries with them a wealth of experience in nurturing digital enterprises. Their insights into developing and supporting tech-centric initiatives are set to infuse the project with growth-centric strategies and a holistic approach towards game development.


Representatives from TRT and Sendir, alongside the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Industry and Technology, formed the core of the Turkish delegation. Their involvement underlines the commitment of the local ecosystem towards the DIGI-AGE project and the larger vision of making Turkey a significant player in the global gaming industry.


The highlight of the event was the introduction of the Enocta-provided LMS system, a promising tool that will ensure continuous access to learning resources, fostering a culture of ongoing development and innovation. Its unveiling was met with unanimous approval, marking a significant step towards actualizing the vision of DIGI-AGE.


The kick-off meeting concluded on a high note, with the partners agreeing on the roadmap for the project and affirming their commitment towards their respective roles. The stage is now set for the DIGI-AGE Game Development & Coding Academy to usher in a new era in game development and digital innovation.


As we stand at the threshold of this revolutionary initiative, one thing is certain – the future of gaming in Turkey and the global landscape holds immense promise. As the DIGI-AGE project lifts off, we eagerly await the dawn of a new age in digital gaming. As the project’s motto goes, let the games truly begin!

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