ITALIAN language courses for all levels and age groups!

Dear past and future students,

I am happy to address you this time as one of the BRAVO representatives.

Amila Omanovic

As many of you might now, I’ve been giving Italian language classes completely free of charge during the quarantine period. Before I’ve published the announcement, I never thought that the interest would grow so big that our facebook group (Italijanski u karanetni) currently has more than a 1000 members.

There are many reasons I’ve decided to start with these classes. One of them was that I and, as I believe, a lot of other people have been left in a rather unpleasant situation by the Corona virus pandemic. Therefore my idea was to reach out to those people and to offer them something beautiful and useful, an occasion to interact with others, to explore and to learn. I wanted to find something that I love to do and offer to the others the opportunity to join me in that activity. Since I’ve always been known as a passionate polyglot with a particular interest in Italian language and culture, I somehow knew what was the best thing that I could offer in that moment. Besides of my successful academic background that spans over five years of which three years of studying French and Italian language and literature at the University of Sarajevo and two years of master studies in European Literary Cultures at the University of Strasbourg and at the University of Bologna, I’ve also had some experience at teaching. That’s how teaching Italian language came up first to my mind. I fully enjoyed what I was doing especially because I believe that it made a significant impact on to the other people’s lives. This was also an occasion that brought together my knowledge and my love for sharing it, which resulted in such a great interest and a lot of feedbacks. I was and I still am amazed by the interest people showed for learning a new language. As I already said it once: that proved that for many of us there isn’t such a thing as useless knowledge.

When I saw how many people wanted to learn Italian language that motivated me and it made me think about how to make those classes last even after the quarantine. I strongly believe that any kind of knowledge should not be considered as a luxury. One can decide to learn a new language for business purposes or for a hobby, it doesn’t matter. What matters is to give the same opportunities to everyone. We all deserve to decide how we want to enrich our life experience.

Thanks to BRAVO we now have the opportunity to make this project last. One of our goals is to overcome the main obstacles in choosing to learn a new language in order to give EVERYONE the possibility to choose how to invest into their professional and personal growth.

Language courses are open to everyone, anywhere who’s curious about discovering new languages, new cultures or simply to those who want to add a new and exciting challenge to their everyday life. Our courses will be student-oriented. I, as a teacher, will follow your dynamics of learning and students are always welcome to give us their suggestions, express their ideas and expectations. We want to become a team.

In order to motivate you and to give you a complete immersion into the language we’re offering you the possibility to go on a cultural exchange, on short-term projects or on a voluntary project. And that yet, is not all… Join us on our courses and discover what else we have prepared for you. And don’t forget:  Everything depends on you and your determination. We are here to guide your way.

If you are still with us in the “GAME” or you are new and want to learn ITALIAN, please open and check our Google form with all details and information and apply.

The deadline for applying: 10.05.2020.

Course start: 18.05.2020.

Few practical information about our Italian language course

The pricing:

Group classes: 30 KM (15€) per person monthly
Individual classes: 20 KM (10€) per class
Both: 20KM (10€) per person for a group one + at least two individual classes

If you are not able to pay for any of the options, BRAVO offers you the possibility to participate in courses for free. To win free courses you will have to upload a motivational letter and to explain to us your situation as it’s mentioned in the application form.

In order to enroll in our course you will have to follow these two simple steps:

1.. pay a registration fee and fill in the Google Form;

2. after you complete the payment we kindly ask you to send us proof of payment (photo or scan) on one of the following e-mails: or;

3. when we receive your payment, we will send you a confirmation e-mail for your enrollment with further information about the course.

In order to participate in courses, you need to have a Zoom account. I will admit to the classes only those who are on my list for that class. Therefore, I strongly recommend you to register yourself or to make sure that you are registered on Zoom with your full name and surname. Registration is totally free.

Those who do not have a book for our classes, will receive one in pdf version on their e-mail address after their enrolment is complete. At the end of every class, I will tell you which pages you will need for the next class in case you want to print them.

We will also have a Facebook group where I will be posting additional materials and all the announcements. You will get the link of the group on your e-mail address.

The courses for A1 and A2 levels will last for two months and for B1 and B2 for three months. After every module, you will be given the possibility to do a test in order to receive a certificate of proficiency. For those who do not plan on getting a test, you will receive the certificate of attendance. All certificates are, for the moment, in digital format and will be sent to you on your e-mail address. If you decide to leave courses after one month of attendance, you can do that, but in that case, we cannot grant you any kind of certificate.

This wouldn’t be only random Italian courses, so for each Module you finish, you will get Certificate from BRAVO and MINE VAGANTI NGO one of the biggest organizations from Italy.


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