After two months of intense work, the internship program ‘’LEO’’ has been successfully conducted by partners and interns. We have once again highlighted the importance and urgency of working towards a more inclusive labor market.


The internship program has been conducted with two local companies – the Foundation of Entrepreneurs in BiH and the magazine “A&S Adria. Both of these companies have been open to collaboration and have shown a willingness to cooperate with the BRAVO team by opening five positions specifically for young female interns. The companies opened three investigative journalist positions and two partnership development and project manager positions. The program aimed to address the labor market’s limited opportunities, specifically focusing on young women who, unfortunately, face discrimination and gender biases daily.

The interns who were selected have demonstrated great potential and a sincere eagerness for professional growth. The internship lasted for two months, during which the interns developed their professional skills, gained practical industry experience, and built a valuable network of connections. Throughout the program, participants had the chance to apply their theoretical knowledge into practice which is a rare opportunity in today’s world.

What was the internship at Magazine A&S Adria like?

In collaboration with BRAVO, the Magazine “A&S Adria” opened up three positions targeting investigative journalists. They had to carefully gather information and create articles that highlighted current trends, upcoming developments, and important events in the dynamic security solutions sectors. Additionally, they had the opportunity to conduct interviews with successful experts, partners, and companies which allowed them to gain insights from the biggest names in the industry. With their work, they sustained the magazine’s standard of accuracy and guaranteed the quality and relevancy of the information provided.

A&S Adria
Foundation of Entrepreneurs in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Foundation of Entrepreneurs in Bosnia and Herzegovina
A&S Adria
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What was it like being an intern at the Foundation of Entrepreneurs in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

The internship program has been a beneficial journey as the interns, had to take on a variety of responsibilities that have challenged them and further helped them grow in the professional aspect. During these two months, the Foundation of Entrepreneurs in BiH served as a family for interns as they have been working and evolving in one healthy work environment which made this experience much better. The interns successfully tracked the organization’s progress and overcame difficulties that had come on their way. By ensuring timely delivery of project milestones, the interns have contributed to the foundation’s overall mission.

Long story short, companies and interns have worked together to successfully implement various aspects of the “Leadership is for EveryOne” project through the internship program. They may not be fully aware of it but interns have helped local businesses expand by taking an active role in the work.



There’s always a bigger picture and a bigger purpose, and with this step, the project LEO has contributed significantly to our community and economy. We connected cooperation, commitment, innovation and made a significant impact, and inspired others in the field to do the same!


The internship program contributed to building a deeper understanding of the project and the idea that “Leadership is for Everyone’’ was promoted among the wider masses.

More about BRAVO you can see on our video below: 

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