“Improving my leadership skills” workshop in Sarajevo, B&H






In the “Improving my leadership skills” project, we learned about important abilities that every leader should and in some cases must have to lead a team and reach goals.

In the “Improving my leadership skills” project, we learned  about important abilities that every leader should and in some cases  must have to lead a team and reach goals. One of the most important  skills is creativity. Creative leadership is the ability to create and  realize innovative solutions, especially in the face of structurally  complex or changing situations. It refers to those people who, when  all is shifting and new approaches are yet unknown, can still create  clarity of purpose for their teams. This means that creativity can help us to know how to do our job, how to motivate our team, and how  to be different in the best possible way. We agreed that all 4 of us  have these skills. These skills are truly important to us because we  are artists. Ehlimana is a writer, Šejla likes photography, Nikolina  is a digital artist, and I, Semina, study art. After we were given  this opportunity to make a  local workshop, we decided to make it as  creative as possible. In the implementation of our wonderful workshop  BRAVO played a key role.


Our organisation is the world where only  laughter is heard, where there is no place for apathy. Persistence and  motivation rule here, while the main principles of the whole team are  empathy, reliability, creativity, openness, and hard work. Since all  of us are students, we decided to transfer our new skills to our  colleagues and make it in the student dorm. Student dorm “Izvor nade”  provided us with food, drinks, space, and tools for this awesome  workshop. We created a small project where we implemented all the knowledge that we adopted in Troyan, Bulgaria. After we were sure that  we were ready to use our knowledge in the practical world, we decided  that it was time to share those skills. On the 28th of May, we gathered our art club “Pixelcrew” members and started to work with  them. We focused on documenting everything on our social media because  we believe that it is crucial to share our progress and success with  other people. A creative project that we organized and where we  implemented our new knowledge was designing the interior of that dorm  since we learned that a good leader should work for his/her team and  community. We presented skills that we learned through that small  project teaching them about proactivity, positive time management,  problem-solving, decision making, open mindedness, etc.


One of the important exercises we did was “The One Minute Sales Person”, it is a  clear, easy, and invaluable game. Our participants had 60 seconds to  sell to the rest of the group a random item we gave them, for example,  an apple, an empty bottle, a hand cream, etc. The exercise taught us creativity, adaptability, and quick thinking, and We can say that  these are important qualities a good leader should have.

Here are some positive feedbacks from our volunteers:

• I think that all of us have a leader inside us and that we just need to learn more about the values and skills that the best of us have. I also learned about Erasmus+ program and all the opportunities that are given to young people. I am so thankful to have this opportunity and to find a leader in myself. (Emina Duraković)
• I had so much fun while learning about how I can improve my leadership skills. I was so surprised that I possess so many of those skills and one of my favorite ones is creativity. I am really happy to have such an organisation as BRAVO in our country. (Ergin Adrović)
• Non-formal education is something that I needed to experience. When we had a problem when the projector couldn’t reach the end of the walls, we had to think about that problem, we had to be creative and solve that problem. After we realized the other way of doing it, we were so happy. That was my favorite part of this workshop. Of course, not to forget to thank BRAVO for so many opportunities for young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina. (Vural Sahin)


“Let’s be creative. Let’s be brave. Let’s be leaders.”

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