BRAVO – Bosnian Representative Organization for Valuable Opportunities, as the sole certified organization in Bosnia and Herzegovina for ESC humanitarian aid projects, is proud to announce the implementation of the ESC Humanitarian Aid project called “H.A.N.D.” – Humanitarian Aid for the Needs of Development. This project aims to fulfill the needs of society while offering an opportunity for participants to contribute to the community. The project will be implemented in Kampala (Uganda), Odisha (India), and Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), engaging 36 volunteers from EU countries in the long-term.


Recently, BRAVO had the pleasure of hosting representatives from the Turkish partner organization Irem Ebru Kuru. Together with project coordinator Edelhida Dervišević Šehić, Irem had the opportunity to visit the locations where volunteer engagement is planned and get to know the associations that will host the volunteers.

Thanks to the diversity of associations, volunteers will have the chance to work with children with autism in the Association for Creative Learning “MAK”, children of the “Dječija Radost” kindergarten, assist in carrying out activities in the Center for Healthy Aging, and help in migrant centers “Ušivak” and “Blaze”.


During her stay, Irem was presented with a detailed plan of volunteer activities and had the opportunity to talk with representatives of the associations, kindergartens, and migrant centers, thereby establishing a friendly relationship and reaching the ultimate goal of this project, which is to make a meaningful contribution to the community.

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In the upcoming period, we will provide a detailed presentation of each partner where volunteer activities will be performed. We are excited to introduce the volunteers who will be joining the BRAVO team soon and socialize with us while contributing to the community.

Who is BRAVO? Watch a video below and enjoy <3

On the video below you can hear very useful information for this mobility.

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