Glance at the local activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina – SETYN project



“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead.

As you are already accustomed to, BRAVO team never rests and the time has come to share with you an overview of the local activities we did for the project Socially Empowered and Transparent Youth Network, SETYN for short.


Our team was in Zenica and Tuzla, where we managed to interest over 50 young people. Main focus of our workshops was on the following questions:

Where and how to develop precious set of skills of youth workers?

How to lead a youth NGO?

How to be Socially Empowered and Transparent Youth(Network)?

What is a key in becoming a successful project manager?


There is no greater happines to a trainer than to see participants’ interest in the topic, so we were immensely happy and open to answer the many questions of the participants and it is really a great pleasure to see the youth awakening.


As photos speak more than words, we invite you to have a look at the gallery.


The main goal of the „SETYN“ project is to promote good management of youth NGOs in West Balkans and European Union, to help development of efficient, sustainable and resilient youth organisations, as well as to increase their organisational capacities for efficient management of programmes that will engage, connect and empower youth in different areas of the world.


Specific goals of the “SETYN” project are:


increasing inner capacities of youth organisations from West Balkans and European Union and increasing their potential for sustainable and efficient managing of NGOs, and also to encourage active citizenship;

developing understanding of the complexity and sensitivity of NGO leadership and mapping the potential of the participating organisations in order to maximise the available human and financial resources;

to recognise and to broaden the scope of youth work in the region and to build the skills of youth workers through the development and sharing of practical tools for managing youth organisations and innovative methods for non-formal education in order to make them more resilient;

expanding and deepening the cooperation, networking and peer learning activities between organisations from West Balkans and European Union to strengthen the efficient management, internationalisation, transparency and youth leadership in complex environments;

to initiate the building of the socially empowered and transparent youth network which will bring long-lasting effects on organisations and participants and expand awareness about the importance of efficient management and management of youth organisations in order to increase the organisational sustainability and resilience, and additionally to have better influence and accomplishment on local, regional, national and European level.


Activities of the „SETYN“ project were: kick off, an online platform creation, training course in Montenegro, implementation of working plans, training course in Poland and evaluative online meeting.


The project lasted for 30 months, from November 2019 to April 2022 and it has been implemented by: Mladiinfo Montenegro (Montenegro), Mladiinfo International (North Macedonia), Mladiinfo Slovensko (Slovakia), Mladiinfo Poland (Poland), Klub za osnaživanje mladih 018 (Club for youth empowerment 018) KOM018 (Serbia), ACCESS (Kosovo), Balkan youth activism (Albania), and BRAVO (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

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